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Curriculum Vitae for:
M: 050-4600690. E: [email protected]
 Improving and developing my situation in a professional organization.
 Utilize my skills and providing me an opportunity to further enhance
my knowledge and skills.
 Achieve a common target and meet deadlines through team work.
Bachelor in English Language and Translation _ Ajman University of
Science & Technology, U.A.E - July 2008 of a degree 4.02% Merit:
Excellent with Honor.
 Subjects studied: literate studies, Translation Studies, Calculus,
English, Arabic and Islamic.
 Final Year Project: Make my own magazine (Nutrition) and
translate it from Arabic into English.
Certificate on Pathways program _ Milton Keynes College, UK, recognized
by The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education – Nov, 2006.
Certificate of British Naturalisation – Nov, 2006.
Pass Notification Letter for Life in the UK Test_ UK - Jan, 2006.
ESOL Certificate - English for Speakers of Other Languages _ University
of Cambridge, UK - July 2006.
Certificate of Secondary Education _ Al MADINA AL- MUNAWARA High
School, Dubai, U.A.E - June, 2005 of degree 96%.
Certificate of attendance , one hour CME granted Health Authority
Scientific meeting Entitled (( Recent Advances in keratoconus Treatment
& Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty)). For EBSAAR EYE SURGERY
CENTER- February 11.2010.
Certificate of attendance , (( limbal Conjunctival Autograft Surgery with
Stem Cells for Treatment of Pterygium)).For MAGRABI EYE HOSPITALMarch 14.2011
Worked as Teacher in Al Sanawber school –Al Ain– from September 2013November 2014- Grade 2
Purpose: To plan- organize and implement an oppropriate instructional
programme in a learning environment that guides students to develope their
academic potential
 Establish clear objectives for all learning activities.
 Prepare classroom activities
 Complete the three part lesson plans with learning objectives
and differentiated learning experience.
 Provie appropriate feedback on work.
 Prepare required reports on students and activities.
 Manage students behavior in classroom by enforcing rules.
 Observe student’s performance.
 Instruct students in the use of learning materials.
 Ensure that the teaching areas are bright and provide an
attractive learning envirnoment.
 Communicate necessary information regularly with students ,
colleagues and parents regarding students progress.
 Use relevant technology to support instruction.
 Assign and grade classwork, homework , tests and
 Perform certain duties including student support , counseling
students with academic problems.
 Plan , prepare instructional activities that facilitate active
learning experiences schemes of work and lesson plans.
 Promote the speedy transfer of pupil information on targeted
pupils and to give support during transfer where necessary.
Worked as teacher in UK- United kingdom – satrday’s classes
from January 2013- July 2013
Purpose: Teach English Language for non- native English people
Responsibilities :
 Teach students basic of grammer.
 Train them on seen and unseen passage.
 Train them on speaking and listening skills.
 Worked as registrar in UK- United kingdom –Christ the
Sower school from January 2013- July 2013- temporary
Responsibilities :
 Responsible for the admissions process , includes :
1. Register incoming students.
2. Review student registration packet with student .
3. Request records from previous schools .
1. Prescreen and resolve parent questions .
 Manage waiting lists all new admissions are entered onto school
management system prior to their arrival and pass on relevant information
to the correct person.
 Perform other duties as assigned
 Maintain excellent relationship with pupils, parents, staff and other
 Resolve any question staff and parents may have
Worked as Assistant Licensing Services in DMCC (Dubai Multi
Commodities Center)- JLT free zone- Temporary from January1.2012June1.2012
Role: Enhancing efficiency and communication with clients & handling
various administrative tasks related to licensing Dept.
 Performing Smooth Coordination with appropriate divisions and
other departments to provide appropriate information for customer
 Meeting and enhancing efficient communications with existing clients
on a daily basis.
 Carrying out administrative tasks and responsibilities assigned by the
licensing supervisor.
 Organized preparation of all documents and requirements related to
 Receiving and handling license reuirements and listed activities by
the newly registered companies.
 Recieving documents for applications for all services related to
existing licenses (Renewal, change of address, cahnge of manager,
activity amendement, and additional license).
 Handling and knowledgeable of compnay system licensing process
and amendements (using oracle)
 Preparing official advertisements related to cahnge of compnay name
and license termination.
 Handling faxes and emails for license renewal.
 Handling and answering all clients inquiries.
 Maintaining a highly organized filing system.
 Typing Arabic letters and forms.
 Establish, maintain and update files, databases, departmental records and
other documents
Worked as PATIENT REP. And SECRETARY in Emirates Hospital and
Cosmosurge.- .Temporary from July – Nov.2011
 Responsible on Doctors schedule by arranging surgeries, meetings and
 Follow-up post patients’ surgeries give them explanations and answer
their inquiries.
 Coordinate between OT surgeries schedule and doctors’ schedule.
 Worked as a patient rep. by giving the information about any type of
surgery pre their surgeries.
 Issuing Sick leaves and Medical Reports.
 Responsible on insurance issues.
 Helping in answering phone calls.
 Responsible on new patients ( cosmetic patients) since they do their first
tests, arranging their surgeries times and follow up with their issues.
 Ordering office supplies.
Worked as PATIENT RELATION MANAGER- in eye clinic based in DHCC
( sharif eye centers) , full time,2008- 2011 , Started as a Receptionist, then Customer Service
Representative, then Lasik Coordinator
responsible on
 Observing employees on phone calls, nurses and optometrists’.
 Dealing with marketing issues,(In all kinds of adv.)
 Responsible on Doctors schedule by arranging surgeries and
 Responsible on new patients ( lasik patients) since they do their
first tests, arranging their surgeries times and follow up with their
Answering patients inquires through emails.
Issuing Sick leaves and Medical Reports.
Doing weekly Marketing Evaluation sheet.
Customer Services as responsible for meeting and greeting clients,
Responsible on insurance (medical and clinic) issues.
Arranging the floor during working days and surgeries days.
Arranging out / in clinic patients' surgeries.
Helping in HR department by organising papers (following up
doctor’s license, & CV screening.
Handle travel arrangements (flights, hotels, visas) and events
management (training, meetings, etc)
Maintain and update company registrations and other
documentations as required by DHCC.
Maintain office supplies and equipment (i.e. stationeries’)
Responsible on VIP patients, answering their inquiries & caring
their cases.
Attending medical seminars as PRM. (A part of marketing).
 Has taken part time roles while studying such as:
Worked as Executive Secretary in Jitex with MSC company 2008 -5 days by
organising meetings, inserting data and translating.
Worked as Executive Secretary in Wafco Investment Company by being:
 A Senior Executive Assistant to support the Director of this international
company in their corporate office.
 I was liaise with the Director on a senior level, offering educated suggestions on
how to improve or ensure the smooth running of his office.
 I was confident in dealing with their counterparts in other offices and be able to
manage complex travel arrangements at short notice.
Worked as a promoter in Cityscape for The One real-estate company 2008- 4
Worked as a Customer Services in BMW.
 University External Training Course in AL Bayan Newspaper as a
Translator _ Dubai, U.A.E- Feb-March- 2008.
Worked in GITIX-SHOPPER International exhibition as
Merchandiser _ Dubai, U.A.E – Sept, 2005 –week.
Worked for MAS CPA & Consultants office as Promoter; sells
computers, scanners & phones _ Dubai, U.A.E – June-July, 2005 –
Worked for Department of Economic Development as Questioner
during Dubai Shopping Festival _ Dubai, U.A.E – Jan-Feb, 2004 –
Worked for Sama Dubai property in Marketing Department on
Lagoons project for a year ( Burjuman- City center- Emirates TowersEmirates mall).
Worked as a Receptionist for Panasonic Company during Ramadan
Worked in GITIX-SHOPPER International exhibition as
Merchandiser _ Dubai, U.A.E – 2007 –week.
Worked for Panasonic Company as a Promoter for plasma exhibition
for two weeks.
Worked in GITIX- TRADECENTER International exhibition for a
satellites company 2006—3 days as a Secratery.
Joined a lot of school and university activities.
Worked for AL-FUTTAIM PANASONIC exhibition as Sales in knowledge
INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS company on 13 of January.
Worked as a Reporter for few weeks at Dubai TV.
Leading group team in many school activities.
Holding high marks school graduation degree.
Being as a Translator ,Coordinator and Interviewer of a mock conference held
in Ajman University 2007
Improve personal communication skills.
Responsibility and commitment to the job work.
Getting exposed to different customers and understanding how to
achieve their satisfaction.
Time management.
Getting used to work environment.
Trained on client's products, services, and corporate philosophy to
ensure a consistent quality of contact with the customers.
Learn to handle the inbound and outbound
MS Office: Word, Excel ,Outlook , Power Point & Access.
Ability to use Internet cleverly.
Sports: Swimming- (holding Sliver Medal ), Traveling & playing
Basket Ball.
Arabic & English: Fluent –Spoken & Written.
Date & Place of Birth : August28, NewJersy- U.S.A.
: Female
: U.S.A
: Married
Holding U.A.E / UK Driving License.
Visa Statue
: Husband’s visa
References will be gladly presented upon request