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What is Heat?
• Heat is the flow of energy from one
place to another.
• Heat always flows from warmer
objects to cooler objects.
The Sun: Our Main Source of
• The sun is our main source of
heat here on Earth.
• Heat from the sun travels
through the air until it
reaches our skin. This warms
us up!!!
A Little Fuel on the Fire
• A fuel is anything that can be burned to
produce heat like wood, oil, coal, or gas.
• Some fuels are fossil fuels.
• Fossil Fuels- formed millions of years ago from
the remains of ancient plants and animals–
coal, natural gas, and oil
• Fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources from
the Earth. When they’re gone, they’re gone.
More Sources of Heat
• Electricity produces
heat. It also powers
machines that produce
• Friction- two materials
rubbing together (like
your hands on a cold
What Materials Transfer Heat?
• Materials that transfer heat well are called
• Metals like copper, iron, silver, and aluminum
are examples of conductors.
What Materials Do Not Transfer Heat
• Materials that do not transfer heat well are
called insulators.
• Examples: wood, plastic, cloth, rubber
Heat in the Kitchen
Where is the conductor and insulator located on this frying pan?
Three Ways Heat is Transferred
• Conduction—the transfer of heat energy
between two objects that are touching.
Three Ways Heat is Transferred
• Convection—the transfer of heat energy
through a fluid like a liquid or gas.
Three Ways Heat is Transferred
• Radiation—the transfer of heat energy
through space or air.
How Does Heat Affect Size?
• Most matter expands, or gets larger when
• When matter cools, it contracts, or shrinks.
* Remember what the physicist showed you on
Career Day with the brass ball and brass ring?
People Keep Warm By…
• Wearing layers of clothing to form insulation
• Rubbing hands together
• Building a fire
People Keep Warm By…
• Turning on a heater
• Sitting near the sunlight
• Using an electric blanket