Sectional Conflicts Grow

Sectional Conflicts Grows
Wilmot Proviso
Zackary Taylor’s Plan
Compromise of 1850
Kansas-Nebraska Act
John Brown
Review & Wilmot Proviso
• Constitutional Compromises on slavery
• Northern Opinion & the Abolitionists
• Missouri Compromise of 1820
• New Territory from war with Mexico
• Wilmot Proviso: “No territory gained from
– the war can be used for slavery”
– Debate: passes House twice, not the Senate
– 2 Solutions offered: extend 30 36 line to CA
– & “popular sovereignty”
Territorial Disputes
• Election of 1848: Whigs chose hero Taylor
– Dems: Lewis Cass, “popular sovereignty”
– Free Soil Party: Van Buren, white settlers
– Campaign avoids the issues
• Zackary Taylor wins: South happy
• Taylor’s Territorial plan: he proposes
– Immediate statehood for CA & NM
– CA votes to be a free state
– South angry, they wanted more slave states
Zachary Taylor
“Old Rough and Ready”
Henry Clay & Compromise 1850
Compromise of 1850
• Henry Clay’s last political effort
• Huge Debate: Calhoun, Webster, Seward
• Compromise:1) CA will be a free state
– 2) NM & Utah by popular sovereignty
– 3) Texas $10m for less land, 4) Fugitive slave
– Law enforced, 5) No slave trade in D.C.
• Omnibus bill passes: Stephen Douglas
• Taylor dies, Fillmore president
Stephen Douglas
“The Little Giant”
Conflicts Increase
• Fugitive Slave Law resist: Anthony Burns
• Kansas-Nebraska Act (54): S. Douglas
– Wants to build rail, become president
– New territories statehood by pop. sovereignty
• Ostend Manifesto:
– Pierce attempt to buy Cuba
Harriet Tubman w/ escaped slaves
Bleeding Kansas
• Missouri Ruffians go up to vote
• New England abolitionists go down
• Lecompton: pro-slavery gov. of Kansas
• Lawrence: anti-slavery government
• Little civil war, attack on Lawrence
• John Brown: abolitionists, underground
– Railroad, Pottawatomie murders
John Brown