English II, Academic Course Outline and Policies
Ms. Bree A Rolfe
Conference periods: 2nd and 5th
E-Mail: bree.rolfe@austinisd.org
Websites: http://msrolfe.com
Office Phone: 903-884-6835
James Bowie High School website: www.jbhs.org
Major Units of Study
Students will study various works of literature, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and be given STAAR/EOC
preparation. This course will cover the Language Arts Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and
explore the culture, beliefs and influences of literature and writing from around the world. This year we
will be reading the following longer texts (titles are subject to change): A Long Way Gone by Ishmael
Beah, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare and students will choose one of the following titles: All Quiet
on the Western Front, Night, Funny in Farsi or A Lesson Before Dying. We will also read short selections of
fiction, poetry and non-fiction.
Materials and Textbooks
Students will be issued all literature textbooks (via Bowie’s checkout system) and novels necessary for
this class.
Please have ALL of your supplies with you by Tues. (A) Sept. 2rd and Wed. (B) Sept. 3th!
A three-ring binder & notebook paper (optional)
A composition or some other type of notebook. This will be your “writer’s notebook.”
Writing utensils (blue or black pen or pencils)
Post-it Notes
A dry erase marker (I recommend getting an ultra-fine tip one as we will be using is for
Optional paper donation. If you are nice and decide you want to donate a ream of paper to Ms.
Rolfe, then by all means do so. However, it is voluntary and I cannot give you extra credit for doing
so. However, it does mean that if you lose a copy of something, I will be able to give you another
one. 
English II Policies and Expectations
Grading System for each six weeks average is calculated as follows:
Homework and Daily assignments are worth 15%
Quizzes and mini-projects are worth 20%
Unit Tests are worth 30%
Essays and major projects are worth 35%
Failed tests /quizzes & Essays
Students may retake failed quizzes or tests within one week of receiving the failing grade to improve that
grade for a maximum of 70% during both semesters. Essays may be re-written for a maximum grade
of 85%.
Late work
All assignments are due at the beginning of the period on the due date. Late assignments will be
penalized 10 points for each calendar day late up until five class days. After five calendar days, you
can no longer hand it in and you will receive a zero.
Make-up work due to absences
Students are expected to keep up with their missed work. Students are expected to check my website for
work they have missed. My website is www.msrolfe.com and daily assignments are listed under the
“weekly agenda” menu. Students are expected to make up missed work by the next class meeting. If
you are absent the day before a quiz or test, you will still be expected to take the quiz or test.
Please make sure you check the websites for missed notes and lessons. If you have any questions, you can
email Ms. Rolfe at bree.rolfe@austinisd.org or call her office phone 903-884-6835 (please do not call after
Extra credit
If there is an extra credit opportunity my class, you will be made aware as it arises. Please check my
website periodically for extra credit options.
Class time is learning time. We are members of a learning community. No student has the right,
through disruptions, to prevent any other student from learning. No member has the right to attack,
demoralize, harass, or belittle another person in the classroom; sexual harassment, racist or homophobic
language and hate speech will not be tolerated. Self-respect and respect for others are the basic guides
for behavior.
Copying / Cheating / Plagiarism
DO NOT DO IT! All Bowie students are expected to act honorably and with integrity. All students
involved in copying any assignment, cheating by giving or receiving help on any test or quiz, plagiarizing,
or inappropriate use of the Internet will receive a zero that cannot be made up or replaced. In addition,
students can be subject to a disciplinary referral and/or can jeopardize their eligibility for membership in
the National Honor Society.
Cell Phone Use
Cell phones are not allowed in class unless authorized by the teacher. Students will be asked to turn in
their cell phone at the beginning of every class.
Ms. Rolfe’s Classroom Guidelines & Policies
Participate actively.
Eliminate distractions
listen to directions.
Be respectful of everyone.
Bathroom: Do NOT ask to go unless it’s during independent work time. Take the Hall Pass. You are
expected to be back in 5-6 minutes.
Remember, you can’t leave the room during the first 15 or last 15 minutes of class.
You may have water during class. Exceptions can be made for (non-messy) snacks on an individual
Dear Parent/ Guardian of English II Student:
Hello! My name is Bree Rolfe and I am your student’s teacher for English II this year. I gave my
students a copy of the course policies and procedures this week and I would suggest you look them over
as well. If you need another copy, you can find them on my website http://www.msrolfe.com or feel free
to email/ call me and I would be happy to explain them to you. I would like to point out that I do not allow
cell phones in my classroom and students will be asked to turn them in to me at the beginning of each
class. If this is an issue for you, please let me know immediately. If you for any reason need to reach your
student during class time, please call the front office and they can get in touch.
On my website, you will be able to find my weekly agendas and any handouts, notes or
PowerPoints I give the students for class. So, it’s a great place to look for makeup work if your student has
to miss class for any reason. We will be reading the following longer texts this year: A Long Way Gone by
Ishmael Beah, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, and students will choose one of the following titles:
All Quiet on the Western Front, Night, Funny in Farsi or A Lesson Before Dying. We will also read short
selections of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. I would suggest review these titles and if you have any
objections or issues on the content, please let me know immediately so I can address them.
As a way of introduction, I also wanted to tell you a bit about myself. This is my third year at Bowie
and my 10th year of teaching. For seven years, I worked at Del Valle High School where I also taught
English and writing. Before I was a teacher, I was a professional writer for ten years in my hometown of
Boston, MA. I have a Masters of Fine Arts from the Writing Seminars at Bennington College, where I
specialized in poetry, and a B.S. in Journalism from Boston University. In my free time, I still continue to
write and publish my poetry. I hope that my experience as a living, working writer is an asset to my
students and I try to instill in them a love for reading and writing—the two passions that have shaped my
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. If you need anything at all or have any questions,
please do not hesitate to ask. It’s an honor and a privilege to be trusted with educating your child. I am
continually inspired by the talent and overall thoughtfulness of the students at Bowie High School and I
look forward to a productive year. Also, if you could, please tear off and sign the bottom portion of this
letter and give it to your student to return to me.
Bree A. Rolfe
English II & Creative Writing Teacher
James Bowie High School
903-884-6835 (office phone)
Student Name
Parent/ Guardian Name
Parent/ Guardian’s Email
& Best Phone Number
Parent/ Guardian Signature