Jasmine Funt ♥
Samantha Rebolledo 
published several stories in the early 1940’s
•He served in world war two
•He was born in Manhattan, New York on new years day 1919
•From 1948-1961 he was written 14 books 
Psychoanalyzed - to investigate or treat by psychoanalysis pg.39 sent.
– “I was only thirteen , and they were going to have me
psychoanalyzed and all, because I broke all the windows in the
garage.” Origin:1910-15; psycho- + analyze
Putrid – in the state of foul decay or decomposition, as animal or
vegetable matter; rotten. Pg.69 – “the band was putrid.”
Origin:1375-1425; late me < L Putridus rotten, equi. To putr (ere) to
rot + -idus
Inferiority Complex- a lack of self-esteem; feeling of inadequacy; lack
of self-confidence . pg.108 sent-what I did, I finally put my suitcase
under my bed, instead of on the rack, so that old Slagle wouldn’t get
a goddamn inferiority complex about it. Origin:1920-25
Chiffonier- a high chest of drawers or bureau, often having a mirror
on top. Pg.20
Holden is trying to deal
with his life because it is
going downhill. He has to
deal with the loss of his
brother and getting kicked
out of school, so he goes to
New York just to find that
he has to deal with
becoming more of an adult.
Holden wants to be a
catcher in the rye, which is
that he helps and protects
the youth when the are in
danger or in trouble,
because he couldn’t be
there to help his little
brother when he died of
Loneliness- Holden is always lonely and by himself. He
always wants to find someone to associate with, but
when he does find someone to talk to he always gets
The painfulness of growing up-Holden got kicked out
of school because he was failing 4/5 classes. He also
had to deal with the loss of his brother Allie causing
him to think that he had to grow up faster.
Metaphor- “ I’m very yellow about those things.” pg.100 he uses this metaphor
because someone was knocking on Holden’s door while he was smoking a cigarette
and he didn’t want to get caught, so I think that he was embarrassed about it or just
Imagery- “ God, my old heart was damn near beating me out of the room.” pg. 101
he uses this imagery in the book because Holden was very scared when the pimp
came back to the hotel room about the money because he told Holden that it was
five dollars a throw instead of ten dollars, so Holden was just very scared and wanted
to just get out of there.
Hyperbole- “ I’d just about broken her heart.” pg.74 he uses a hyperbole to indicate
that he had broken his dance-mate Marty’s heart because he had lied to her saying
that he saw a famous movie star, but there really wasn’t anyone there and Marty was
all upset about it. So the girl was just very sad.
Metonymy- “ I felt like giving somebody a buzz.” PG.59 he uses a metonymy
because Holden said that he wanted to give someone a buzz meaning that he wanted
to call someone.
Irony- “ If theres one thing I hate, it’s the movies. Don’t even mention them to me.”
pg.2 what is ironic about this is that Holden later on in the book ends up going to the
movies with his roommate (Ackley) that he hates.
His emotional description is that he doesn’t really care
about things
He shows very little care towards his future
He was a very heavy smoker
16 years old
He’s independent
Doesn’t like to express his feelings or personal life
with people
Holden’s Dog poop- Holden dealing with the loss of his
brother is something that he really didn’t handle that
well. He was only thirteen years old when he had
died. Holden basically went crazy; he broke all the
windows in the garage the night he died and he slept
in the garage as well. He even tried to break all the
windows in the station wagon just for the hell of it.
Quote- “it was a very stupid thing to do, I'll admit, but
I hardly didn’t even know I was doing it, and you
didn’t know Allie.” PG. 39
Hat- comfort, security
Ducks- the curiosity of youth and curiosity to discover
the world.
The catcher in the rye-he wants to help and protect
The museum of natural history-unchanging and
Baseball mitt- Allie his little brother died and he
owned the baseball mitt talked about in the story
“the mark of the immature man is that
he wants to die nobly for a cause, while
the mark of the mature man is that he
wants to live humbly for one.” –
Wilhelm Stekel pg. 188
Mr. Antolini gave this quote to Holden
because he said that he saw Holden as
the man who would die nobly for some
highly unworthy cause. I think that the
teacher was right because Holden
didn’t really care about anything that
much all he really cared about was
himself, so I kind of was agreeing with
the teacher about that. Plus, I see my
self as the person that want to live
humbly for one 
“I’m just going through a
phase right now. Everybody
goes through phases and all,
don’t they?” pg. 15
I like this quote because I feel
that everyone does go through
phases in life whether they are
good or bad, and what we
have to do is to just get
through them and make the
best of them. And just like
Holden’s dog poop you have to
live with it.
I’ve leaned gained and
discovered a lot in this book. I
learned that to never take
anything for granted and life.
I discovered that growing up
really fast is not really all that
good as it seems, it really is
difficult. I just learned that I
should just do the right thing
in every situation and try my
best to succeed In everything
that I try to achieve in.
What I've learned and
discovered while reading
catcher and the rye is that
when your going through a
tough time you have to try
and get through it because in
the end you achieving that
goal will be , and even
though it will be hard you
have to trust yourself and do
what you have to do to
ME 
Sometimes in out lives
we all have pain
we all have sorrow
but if we are wise we no that theres
always tomorow
lean on me
when ur not strong
and ill be ur friend
ill help u carry on
for it wont be long till im gonna need
somebody to lean on
pleae swallow your pride
if i have things
you need to borrow
for no1 can fill those of your needs
that u dont let show
lean on me
when your not strong and ill be your friend
ill help u carry on
for it wont be long
till im gonna need
somebody to lean on
Just call on me brother when u need a hand
we all need somebody to lean on
I just might have a problem that youd understand
we all need somebody to lean on
lean on me when your not
strong and ill be your friend
ill help u carry on
for it wont be long
till im gonna need
somebody to lean on
lean on me ..