FWT Personal Tax Return Form

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Freshwater Taxation Personal Tax Return Checklist
Thank you for allowing us to assist with your personal tax this year.
Please complete the below form as best you can and email it to us for fast and thorough
preparation of your personal tax return. We will then draft up your tax return and email it back to
you for lodgment approval. If we have any queries we will phone you or email through a list of
Personal Information
Full Name:
Is this address the same as it was on last year’s tax return?
Best Contact Number:
How did you hear about us?
Please type your information into this checklist. We do not need to see your original documents,
however you are welcome to attach your group certificates and other relevant information to your
email to us if you would like.
Important note: in most cases we can obtain group certificate, interest & dividend information
electronically. It is still a good idea that you provide this information to us when you have it
available due to the fact that the ATO may not have received your personal information as yet.
Your Group Certificate details: ABN / Gross Payments / Tax withheld / Allowances / Reportable super
contributions / Reportable FBT.
Details of any interest income earned.
Details of any dividend income earned.
Your bank details (for deposit of refund).
Do you have a HECS / HELP / or any
other Govt. debt? (We can access the total
current debt).
Details of any government payments received.
Details of total rental income generated from any
rental properties that you own and rented out during the
year, along with all rental expenses including rental assets
Details of any business / sole trader income
that you received, along with details of all
expenses incurred in the generation of this
Details of total rental income
generated from any rental properties that you
own and rented out during the year, along with
all rental expenses; including rental assets
Details of any other taxable income that you earned
during the financial year.
Do you own any foreign investments? If so, what is their estimated value?
Details of any verifiable deductions that you incurred during the financial year. These could include the
Prior year accounting fee.
Donations made to registered
Work-Related travel costs: tolls, parking, taxis, transport. (% relating to your work use).
Work-Related car expenses: - estimated no. of kilometers travelled and / or motor vehicle cost &
running costs; along with the % that relates to your work-use.
Make & Model of motor vehicle:
Stationery, details of computer / laptop purchases (inc date of purchase), internet expense, telephone
costs. Please nominate work-related % for all these costs.
No. of days that you work from home if applicable?
(Home-office running expenses deduction)
Details of medical expenses incurred if
over ATO 2012 threshold of $2,060.00
Details of any other tax offsets or deductions that you believe you may be entitled to.
Details of any asset sales during the year (shares / property).
If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.