Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Chapters 5 and 6 Review You should

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Chapters 5 and 6 Review
You should be familiar with the following information:
 Definitions for Civil Liberties and Civil Rights.
 An understanding of the issues that pertain to Civil Liberties and Rights.
 The ACLU and some of the current issues and cases they are involved with.
 An understanding of the Bill of Rights, stressing amendments 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9
 Definitions for the following terms:
o Due process and substantive due process
o Incorporation Doctrine
o Selective Incorporation
o Lemon Test
o Prior Restraint
o Clear and Present Danger/Direct Incitement
o Libel and Slander
o Black Codes/Jim Crow
o De facto/de jure discrimination
o Civil Rights Act of 1964
o Affirmative Action
 For the following Supreme Court Cases, you should understand the background to the
case, the court’s ruling and reasoning behind the ruling as well as the implications of the
o Gitlow v. New York
o Engel v. Vitale
o New York Times v. Sullivan
o Miranda v. Arizona
o Roe v. Wade
o Brown v. Board of Education
Complete the activities found on the following pages. Your responses should be informal, but supported
with your ideas and facts.
Join the Debate – Pages 170 and 171
Politics Now – Page 184
Join the Debate – Pages 210-211
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