Using Destiny Quest and Online Resources

Lehighton Area Middle School Library
Using Destiny Quest and
Online Resources
Why do you use the Internet?
 It’s easy
 It’s fast
 It’s has fresh new
 It’s fun
So, What’s Wrong with That?
 Anybody can put
anything on the internet
so your information
might be incorrect.
 Crazies are out there!
You have to be safe.
 There are things you
shouldn’t be seeing on
the web.
What’s this all about?
This presentation will show you
How to use Destiny Quest to locate excellent
 How to find online resources using Destiny
 How to find out if a website is a good source
of information.
Destiny Quest
Log into your computer with your
username and password. Double
click on the Destiny Icon and this
will be the first screen that you see.
Click on the link for Lehighton Area
Middle School Library.
“Destiny Quest” will open
up. That is the name of
our OPAC—Online Public
Access Catalog—our
library catalog.
Will take your right back
to the main screen.
Top 10 checkouts of the
Easy Resource Lists
already prepared for you.
New Arrivals that come in
Find search box to type
your interest.
My List for things you
want to keep and look up
This is what you’ll see.
Logging in to Destiny Quest
Log in using your student number for the username and your last
name for the password. This will allow you to see if you have any
books out or owe any fines. You can also create your own lists of
books, websites or databases for future reference. Click on “My
Info” to see if you have any materials checked out or owe any
Find Search Box
When you are looking for a book, use the “find” box at
the top of the page. There are many ways to search
for a book.
Title Searches
These numbers tell you where the
book is in the library. You can also see
that our library has them listed as
“checked in”.
The name of the book
is called the “title.” If
you know a title of a
book, you can type it in
the box next to the
word “find” and you will
find out where the book
is in the library. This is
what comes up when
you type in the title
Artemis Fowl.
Finding Books by an Author
If you want to know
if we have any books
by a certain author,
type in the writer’s
name in the “find”
box. You don’t have
to put in capitols, but
you do have to spell
the name correctly!
How many books by
Meg Cabot are in the
LAMS Library?
Finding Books by Subject/Keyword
If you are looking for
a book about
something special,
type it in the “find”
box. I did a search
on ghosts and came
up with a lot of
different materials.
Reference, fiction,
nonfiction, movies,
etc… You can tell
which is which by the
call number.
Narrowing Your Search
Go to the box on the left side of the page and you cut down the number
of books so that you have the one that’s best for you. Here are 4 ways:
find authors, subjects, format or year the books were written.
If you click on the corner
of the book, you get these
“quick details.” If you click
twice on the book, you will
get a screen like the one
Shelf Browse
When you go into a book’s summary there is a
little button under the picture of the book that says
“shelf browse”.
Shelf Browse
When you go into a book’s summary there is a
little button under the picture of the book that says
“shelf browse”.
Shelf Browse
The “shelf browse” button will actually show you what
is near that book on the same shelf so you could see
what other books are available on your topic.
Using the Online Resources
If you are logged in, and after
you type in a keyword to
search, you will have these
The open book will “Search
The globe with the magnifying
glass will “Search Online
The globe by itself will search
“Search the Web”.
These websites have been
evaluated and tested by
educators and are deemed
safe for middle school
Exiting Destiny Quest
If you would prefer to exit Destiny Quest and search
for materials with the regular screen just click on the
link that says “Exit Destiny Quest”.
You will get the same information but in a basic format
without the extra graphics.