Southern Business Education Association Louisville, Kentucky 2008

Arkansas Business
Education Association
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Leadership Seminar
Dr. Terry Roach
College of Business
Arkansas State University-Jonesboro
SBEA President 1999
ABEA President 1991 and 1992
Leadership requires Leaders
Successful leaders have self-awareness. They have the
self-respect and respect for others that allows them to be
tough yet compassionate, to remain composed under
pressure, and to negotiate to solve problems. This quality
earns them the trust and respect of others.
John B. Fery, CEO Boise Cascade Corporation
Management and Leadership
 Analyze Information
 Make inferences
 Make decisions
 Allocate resources
 Problem solving
 Assign tasks
 Make schedules
 Influence and Inspire
others to achieve goals
 Motivate
 Touch the spirit
Three Components of Leadership
“A successful leader has the vision to see the future and
the willingness to make the commitments needed to
get there.”
John J. Curley, CEO, Gannett Co., Inc.
“Be passionate about what you you’re doing. Be
committed to it. Don’t look over your shoulder and
worry about the mistakes you’ve made, but determine
how you can move forward.”
William Welden, CEO, Johnson & Johnson
Vision Statements
are often confused with
Mission Statements
(where you want to be)
Write a statement for your state’s
Business Education Association
Mission Statement
(purpose and to whom)
{for this exercise}
Write a statement for your state’s
Business Education Association
“Leaders must have the ability to design and articulate
an organizational vision. If you can’t express an idea,
you don’t have one!”
Richard J. Mahoney, CEO, Monsanto Corp.
“Be open and honest. Be direct and candid in all
communication. Be sure that you mean what you say
and say what you mean”.
Robert Benmosche, CEO, MetLife
Frequent Communication
 Telephone
 Cell phone
 Letters
 Email
 Fax
 Fax
 Conferences
 Face to face
 School/work
 Public places
 Always try one more
 Post Cards
“First of all, a successful leader is someone who has integrity,
someone you can trust. You know and share the values
they stand for and you can count on them to act
Donald W. Weber, CEO Contel
“The most overlooked requirement for successful business
leadership today is integrity. …. I mean integrity in the
larger sense of an openness to ideas and colleagues, a
willingness to trust the people who work for you and
surrender yourself to their strengths, and an ability to put
the interests of the team ahead of the narrow, selfish
interests of the individual.”
Wayne Calloway, CEO, PepsiCo