Geometry Open House Parent Handout



Mrs. Hane

Phone: (330)896-7575 ext 616033, e-mail: [email protected]

Required Materials


 1 ½ or 2 inch 3-ring binder

Looseleaf notebook paper & graph paper

CPM Textbook (kept in classroom)

Scientific Calculator (TI-84 Graphing calculator recommended)

Course description:

Geometry is a course dealing mainly with logic and problem solving applying geometric concepts.

This course covers the basic ideas of geometry, parallel lines and planes, perpendicular lines, coordinate geometry, congruent triangles, similarity, ratio and proportion, right triangles and basic trigonometric ratios, properties of polygons and circles, areas, surface areas, volume, constructions and proofs. This course, Geometry B, is designed for students that have passed Algebra 1 or took

Honors Algebra 1 in 8 th

grade and earned below an 85% for the course. This year we are going to use a new textbook in Geometry, called College Preparatory Math (CPM). A parent letter is attached that will give you some information on CPM where you can find more information on this program. The Green Mathematics Department is excited about this program because we believe it will improve the students’ understanding and recollection of math concepts.


Students are required to have a scientific calculator that contains the [sin], [cos], and [tan] buttons for Geometry. It is highly recommended that if purchasing a new calculator, that you purchase a TI-

84 calculator. It is a calculator that can be used for the remainder of the students’ math courses in high school and college, and is permitted on the ACT and SAT. The vast majority of the work done in this course can be accomplished using a scientific calculator, and our math department has a classroom set of TI-84 calculators if we do a class activity in which every student needs to have one. Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions concerning calculators.

Homework Expectations:

On an average school night, students in this class will have an average of 30 minutes of homework. Homework will be assigned after each section and will be due the following day at the beginning of class. Homework will mostly be graded randomly for completion. Homework is mixed, spaced practice so students are continuously reviewing both old and new content. I will also provide homework worksheets for each section. Homework turned in

one day late

will be counted as half credit. Homework must be completed in pencil. Half-credit will be given for assignments completed in ink.

Homework Help: All homework questions and answers can be found on the textbook website or directly at

Grading Procedures:

At Green High School, grades are calculated in all classes based on the 80/20 Policy.

As a result, a student’s grade is divided into 2 categories: Academic Achievement and Academic


After a student has had sufficient instruction and practice on a topic, it is then reasonable to judge his/her mastery of the information or skills in the form of

academic achievement

assessments. The purpose is to evaluate how well a student has learned the material.

Eighty percent of the total course grade comes from

academic achievement,

and in

Geometry these include mid-chapter quizzes and individual tests.

Whenever a student learns new material he or she goes through a time of wrestling with the material before eventually mastering the information or skills. It is expected that a student will make some mistakes during this learning process. Work completed during this learning period is considered

academic practice

. Twenty percent of the total course grade comes from

academic practice,

and in Geometry these include homework, team tests and vocabulary assignments.

Academic Practice consists of: Academic Achievement consists of:


*Worth 3 points each


*Point value may vary

*Graded for quality and completion,

not correctness

Team Tests

*Point value may vary

*Student will work in teams to complete

*Graded for correctness

Major Quizzes

*Worth 20-75 points

Individual Tests

*Worth 100 points

*Given approximately one week

after a team test

Retesting Policy:

Re-tests will be optional for

individual tests only

. In order to be eligible for a re-test, the student must complete two of the closure options AND have no missing homework assignments for that chapter. The grade of the re-test will be counted even if it is lower than the original score.

Cell Phones and other Electronic Devises:

Cell phones and electronic devises are not permitted in this classroom at any time unless special permission is given. Students that use an electronic devise without permission will have the devise confiscated and will be referred to the office.

Contact Information:

I will do my best to keep Progress Book updated so you are able to check your child’s progress at any time. If at any time you have concerns or questions, please contact me. I am available for tutoring during 8 th

period lunch and after school for extra help on any day except for Tuesdays by appointment given some advanced notice. I look forward to working with your students this year!