Weekly Agenda 2 - September 8-12

Weekly Agenda for Honors 12 English
Week Two: September 8th through 12th 2014
Mrs. Dibble
Over the Weekend, You Should Have
1. Read “The Storm” and created a plot chart for it in daybook.
2. Devised 3 theme statements for the story.
Monday, September 9th
 New Vocabulary – Next 20 words. We will add these to the first
20. Look up definitions and make cards tonight.
 In-class writing using the Chopin short stories. You will be able to refer to your
daybook and to the pieces themselves. No other sources may be used.
Homework: Complete vocabulary work. Begin reading The Awakening. Read through
chapter 10 and complete the study guide questions. Blog. (Make sure you answer Blog #2)
Tuesday, September 10th
 Go over vocabulary definitions.
 Quiz on The Awakening – this is much in the style of the AP
MC test. It will be timed. You have 10 minutes.
 Introduction work to The Awakening.
 Go over the study guide questions.
Homework: Continue studying ALL 40 vocabulary words. Read
through chapter sixteen for Thursday. Answer study guide
questions. Blog. (Blog #3)
Wednesday, September 11th
 Second 40 minute writing.
 Discuss the study guide questions through Chapter 16.
Homework: Read and answer study guide questions through
Chapter 25.
Thursday, September 12th
 Stations
Homework: Study vocabulary. Read through chapter 34 and answer study guide
Friday, September 13th
 Take vocabulary quiz.
 Discuss 40 minute writing.
 Discuss The Awakening.
Homework: Finish the novel, questions, and blog.