File - Ms. Alexis

The word boast
means to praise
oneself in
speech or talk
in a selfadmiring way.
Click on this link to
find the word boast.
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The Tortoise challenged the Hare by crawling slowly
but steadily arriving before the Hare at the finish
The ending of a story is the
You will need:
Chalkboard/chalk/dry erase
board and markers, Pencil,
Printed booklet of story,
Writing notebook for brain
The students will have to work together in
groups and their social and brainstorming skills
will expand.
Prizes Prizes Prizes
 Students can earn rewards individually, as a team, or
as a class. If students are on task and behave, one
ticket will be given to them. A total of ten tickets will
get students to obtain prizes and a total of 20 will get
the classmates fifteen minutes of internet/computer
My class will be required to
summarize the story.
A mini quiz will be given to
every student to assure that
the story was understood.
The quiz will be completed by
the end of class.
 Home work of sequence of a story with another
fable will be assigned to students to bring back
the next day
 Who is the Tortoise? Who is the Hare? What does
the word boast mean? What did the Tortoise do when
he was challenged by the Hare? What is the beginning
part of a story is called? How did the Hare lose the
race? A quiz will be given at the end of class to help
answer these questions.
The moral of the story of the Tortoise and the Hare
is even if it seems that you are not the quickest or
best a particular task, which may not be true. It is
important to do your best from the beginning to end
and you will succeed. Not to forget slow but steady
wins the race.
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