Institutional TOEFL: Structure & Written Expr.

Test Prep Class
Institutional TOEFL Plan
Name: ____________________
Please complete by: _________
Institutional TOEFL: Structure & Written Expr.
incoming score: _____/ outgoing score:_____
Resource: Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test
1. Read the strategies for Structure and Written Expression on pp. 120-121. Also, orient yourself to the
test by reading on the Learner Web about the ‘Structure and Written Expression’ portion of the TOEFL
2. Discuss and summarize the strategies orally with your teacher and get feedback on your understanding
of the concepts and more advice. Ger her signature & date here:___________________________,
3. Review the problems you missed on your diagnostic exam. Using the answer and diagnosis worksheet,
determine which structure and written expression sections of the text you’ll need to study.
4. Below, list your top 3-4 problem areas, placing the most problematic first. Note the section number,
page numbers and type of skill you’ll be practicing.
Section number
Page #
Type of skill
Submit this plan to your teacher for approval and get her initials here.______________
Read the explanations, note the test tips, and do the exercises listed above in step 5 .
Check your answers after you finish each exercise.
Show your work to your tutor, ask questions, etc.
Get her signature & date here: ____________________________, _____________
Get her signature & date here: ____________________________, _____________
Look at your errors on the Structure and Written Expression Diagnostic. Develop explanations for why
the answers to the questions you missed are wrong and why the right answers are correct. Write these
Share your explanations with an Institutional TOEFL tutor. She may give you more homework related to
structures that give you trouble, including mini-tests from the problematic sections.
Get her signature & date here: ___________________________________, __________
If the tutor gives you homework, do it and check it with her.
Complete a Structure and Written Expression Practice Test (S99 on pp. 235) and check your answers.
Enter your ‘outgoing score’ above.
Carefully analyze any errors and put them in your binder
i. Write the (incorrect) answer you selected
ii. Write the correct answer
iii. Identify what kind of mistake you’ve made
iv. review the rule that applies to the correct answer
Write a reflection on this part of the learning plan and turn it in to the teacher. You may meet with the
teacher to discuss your progress.