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The first President who was the son of a
President, John Quincy Adams in many
respects paralleled the career as well as
the temperament and viewpoints of his
illustrious father. He watched the Battle
of Bunker Hill from the top of Penn's Hill
above the family farm. As secretary to
his father in Europe, he became an
accomplished linguist and assiduous
Full Name: John Quincy Adams
Born: July 11, 1767
Place of Birth: Braintree, Massachusetts
Education: Graduated from Harvard
College (1787)
Religion: Unitarian
Occupation: Lawyer
Military Service: None
Political Party: Democratic - Republican
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He used to skinny-dipping in the
Potomac River every morning.
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Ancestry: English
Father: John Adams (1735 1826)
Mother: Abigail Smith Adams
(1744 - 1818)
First Lady: Luisa Catherine
Johns Adams
Children: Three; 3 sons
Pet(s): An Alligator; Silkworms
Luisa Catherine Johns
Vice President: John C. Calhoun
Secretary of State: Henry Clay (18251829)
Treasury: Richard Rush (1825-29)
Secretary of War: James Barbour
(1825-28) Peter B. Porter (1828)
Attorney General: William Wirt
Secretary of the Navy: Samuel L.
Southard (1825-29)
Supreme Court Appointments:
Associate Justice: Robert Trimble
Henry Clay
John C.
Richard R.
James B.
• Secretary to U.S. Minister to
Russia, 1781
• Minister to the Netherlands, 1794
• Minister to Prussia, 1797-1801
• United States Senator, 1803-08
• Minister to Russia, 1809-11
• Peace Commissioner at Treaty of
Ghent, 1814
• Secretary of State, 1817-25 (under
• Member of U.S. House of
Representatives, 1831-48
Adams fisrt photo
President Adams regularly swam nude in the
Potomac River. Anne Royall, the first
American professional journalist, knew of
Adams' 5 A.M. swims. After being refused
interviews with the president time after
time, she went to the river, gathered his
clothes and sat on them until she had her
interview. Before this, no female had
interviewed a president.
Adams was the first to be elected president
without receiving either the most popular
votes or the most votes of the electoral
He was the first president married abroad.
Adams is the only president to be elected to
the House after his presidency.
One of his sons, George Washington Adams,
died at the age of 28, an apparent suicide.
Adams was the first president to be
John Quincy A.
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