Scientific Inquiry 08-29-12

33rd Day of School
Learning Goal (7.E.1.3): I will be able to compare and
contrast low-pressure storms (a hurricane and a tornado).
Due Today: Tropical Storm, Hurricane, Eye Wall, &
Storm Surge Flashcards
Evening Assignment: Get work folder signed/Complete
all flashcards
On the front of two cards write the following terms in
big, bold letters:
On the back side of the index
• Saffir Simpson hurricane scale
• Fujita tornado scale (p. R55)
card write in your own words the
following information about each
1. Description:
2. Wind speed:
3. Type of damage
Measurement of the Strength of Storms
1)First read the corresponding Wikipedia
articles about Hurricane Sandy and the
Joplin Tornado
2)Then use the articles to help you complete
the Sandy vs. Joplin chart.
3)Turn in your completed chart to DROPBOX
on Haiku. Due tomorrow.
Research and Compare Hurricane
Sandy vs. the Joplin Tornado
• Review progress
report for accuracy
& update work
• Get work folder
• Complete all of this
week’s flashcards
Evening Assignment