Vocabulary: Week 6

Vocabulary: Week 6
10th Grade
Acumen (noun) “AK-yoo-men”
When you behave with acumen,
You’re smart with keen insight,
Like when you make shrewd business deals
Or stay out of a fight.
Remember This: Show me the smart accurate acumen!
Definition: the ability to make good judgments and
quick decisions
Capacious (adj) “Kuh-PAY-shus”
Capacious is the easiest rhyme
Of my entire mission
’Cause capacious rhymes with spacious,
And spacious is the definition.
REMEMBER THIS : Capacious means spacious.
Definition: spacious
Ennui (noun) “On-WEE”
It’s a feeling of boredom,
It’s a lack of any ZING!
When you’re hit with ennui,
You don’t want to do a thing.
REMEMBER THIS : I feel ennui (On-WEE) on weekends.
Definition: a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction
arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.
Flagrant (adj) “FLAY-grent”
Shockingly glaring or obvious.
My basketball coach had to howl
When another guard elbowed me
Right in the jaw.
That was a big flagrant foul.
REMEMBER THIS : Some think it’s a flagrant offense to
burn a flag.
Definition: conspicuously or obviously offensive
Girth (noun) “GERTH”
Girth is the distance around a thing,
A simple kind of measuring.
Post-holiday circumference
Around your waist can be immense.
REMEMBER THIS : If you’re going to give birth, expect
some girth.
Definition: the measurement around the middle of
something, esp. a person's waist.
Impasse (noun) “IM-pass”
It’s a place you can’t get past.
It’s a stalemate,
A dead end.
Have you ever hit an impasse
With a parent or a friend?
REMEMBER THIS : If you’re stuck and can’t pass, you’re at an
Definition: a situation in which no progress is possible, esp.
because of disagreement; a deadlock:
Judicious (adj) “Joo-DISH-us”
Judge Judy is judicious.
She must be fair and wise—
Showing soundest judgment—
Although she might despise
All those goofballs and their lies.
REMEMBER THIS : Judicious—like a judge.
Definition: having, showing, or done with good
judgment or sense:
Muse (verb) “MYOOZE”
It’s to think and to daydream,
To ponder, to gaze.
When you sit and you muse,
You might look in a daze.
REMEMBER THIS : The day I was musing my boss said, “No
Definition: be absorbed in thought
Ostentatious (adj) “Os-ten-TAY-shus”
Ostentatious tells of those
Who try to dazzle or impress
With their cars and with their houses,
With their style of speech and dress.
REMEMBER THIS : Austin Powers is ostentatious.
Definition: adj. characterized by vulgar or pretentious
display; designed to impress or attract notice
Penury (noun) “PEN-yuh-ree”
It’s extreme poverty.
Little Oliver Twist
Knew such bad penury,
He could barely exist.
REMEMBER THIS : If you live in penury, you can’t spare a
Definition: extreme poverty; destitution
Week 006 Assignment
4-Fold Vocabulary
 In this activity, students fold their papers into rows of 4 sections
each. The number of row can relate to the number of words to
be studied. In the first section, the student writes the word. In
the 2nd section, the student writes a definition of the word in
their own words. In the 3rd section, the student draws a picture
or symbol to represent the word. In the 4th section, the student
writes a sentence with the word based on their definition.
 After completing the page, the students cut apart the sections
and put them in an envelope. The words are review by having
student reassemble the word rows. Students can trade
rows/envelopes with others.