Utah’s Struggle for
How many times was Utah rejected?
Why were they rejected so much?
• Unity: Mormons thought Gov’t, economy, and religion should be
unified. Others wanted diversity and separation of church and state
• Politics: Most people voted strictly according to religion
• Courts: Mormons took their cases to their Bishops, not the county
• Economics: Mormons only bought stuff from other Mormons
Why were they rejected so much (continued)
• Education: LDS schools taught normal subjects and religion and
cost money. Non-Mormons didn’t want religion in school and
thought it should be free.
• Immigration: Every year thousands of Mormon immigrants came to
the territory. Non-Mormons thought immigrants would take their
• Polygamy: Mormons believed Polygamy should be protected by the
1st amendment. People all over the country disagreed and thought
it was wrong
Why would they care to be a state? Pg. 210
Utah citizens no longer inferior
People full citizens of the U.S.A. and vote for President
Utah Representatives in D.C. can vote
Utah could have 2 senators to send to D.C.
Utah could elect their own judges instead of having them appointed
Utah leaders could write their own constitution and allow women to
7. Utah could have power over education
8. Utah citizens would pay taxes and receive full gov’t services
Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act
• No one can be married to more than one person at a time
• No church in the territories (like the LDS church) can own more
than $50,000 of property
Edmunds Act
• Polygamists can be punished with 5 years in prison and a $500 fine
• Polygamists can’t hold political office serve on a jury, or vote in
Edmunds-Tucker Act
• Took away the right to vote from all Utah women and polygamist
• Abolished Utah’s militia (army)
• Confiscated all property of the LDS church
Reynolds v. United States
• LDS church members thought that Polygamy should be protected
under the 1st amendment of the Constitution
• “Freedom of Religion”
• This court case decided that the Constitution promises the
freedom to believe anything you want, but it doesn’t protect the
practice of all of your beliefs.
• What does that mean!?
Cohab Hunters
• People who would turn in “Cohabs” (people who lived with more
than one wife) for money.
• $20 for each polygamist
• Living on the underground—hiding from Cohab hunters
• Many polygamists escape to….
• The LDS church document that officially ended Polygamy
• Some continued with Polygamy, but they could no longer be LDS church