Vision Statements


Often times publications will have both a mission statement and a vision statement. A mission statement states the purpose of a publication. A mission statement for our publication might read something like this:

"X-Mester Press is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about the world of journalism while chronicling their own lives, as well as those of their peers."

A vision statement is a bit grander. It states one's hopes and dreams for an organization, corporation or publication. It is what they hope to be able to be, and it gives them something to shoot for. I have high hopes for this class and the documents we will produce, and I hope that you do too. In order to give us something to work towards, I want us to work together to create a vision statement for our e-zine. To begin, I will ask each of you to briefly jot down what you want our publication to achieve.

To guide you and provide you with some ideas of what a Vision Statement looks like, I have pulled some off of various different websites to share with you. The first two are corporate vision statements to give you a broad view of what a vision statement can be. The others are vision statements from publications both large and small, in newspaper and magazine formats. This will give you a more focused idea of the type of vision statement you will be writing, though you should feel free to be as grand as the mission statements provided by Heinz and Kraft.



SUPERIOR TASTING FOODS TO PEOPLE EVERYWHERE." Being the premier food company does not mean being the biggest but it does mean being the best in terms of consumer value, customer service, employee talent, and consistent and predictable growth. We are well on our way to realizing this Vision but there is more we must do to fully achieve it.

Kraft Foods

Our Vision... Helping People Around the World Eat and Live Better

Our vision captures the essence of who we are. Everything we do flows from our vision. We just don't happen to be a business that sells food – it's what we're all about. Our vision is about meeting consumers' needs and making food an easier, healthier, more enjoyable part of life.

Our vision tells the world – our employees, customers, consumers and the communities where we make and sell our products – what we care about. It captures the importance of health and wellness, but it also embodies all the ways we can eat and live better, such as the enjoyment of a dessert, the convenience of a microwave meal, the safety and value of our products and the services and solutions we provide.

San Antonio Express-News

The vision of the San Antonio Express-News is to be the most credible and complete provider of information in South Texas by aggressively pursuing the development of products, services and alternative mediums to meet our customers' needs.

Fairwood Community News

Working collaboratively with the community, Fairwood Community News' Vision is to be the primary resource for online information and news, engaging all residents in the greater Fairwood area.

Pink Panther Magazine

To publish a high quality magazine which showcases the best of feminist art and writing from our group members, and which promotes feminist thinking and ideas.

The magazine will be available on the web and in printed format so people can choose to read it only, or purchase it.

Luxury Home Magazine

Luxury Home Magazine is the leader in the market specific presentation of luxury homes and the luxury lifestyle. Our publication is an oversized "Coffee Table Magazine" featuring beautiful photography of exceptional homes with an easy to read layout. We utilize the most effective methods of targeted delivery to the wealthiest and most affluent buyers and sellers of luxury real estate. We are devoted to providing the highest quality of homes, goods and services available to our readers. Luxury Home

Magazine, the definitive publication for luxury real estate.