WWI Review Jeopardy

Countries War
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Final Jeopardy
The archduke of Austria.
assassination on June 28, 1914 is widely
considered the unofficial start of World
War I.
Who is Franz
A terrorist Serbian nationalist
group called the “Black Hand”
was responsible for training and
and others who
participated in the assassination
of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
Who is Gavrilo
of Germany made an
unconditional promise (“The
Blank Cheque”) to defend
Austria-Hungary if Russia
attacked it while Austria was
invading Serbia during 1914.
Who is Kaiser
Wilhelm II?
Insisted that Canadian soldiers be
equipped with Ross Rifles and
Macadam Shovels.( Both which
didn’t work)
Who is Sam
was the first Canadianappointed commander of the
Canadian Corps in World War I and
participated in all major actions of
the Canadian forces in World War I,
including the planning and execution
of the assault on Vimy Ridge.
Who is Sir Arthur
Franz Ferdinand was
assassinated on a street
corner in Sarajevo, the
capital of this country .
What is Bosnia?
Poison Gas was
introduced first by
this country in 1915 at
the Battle of Ypres.
What is Germany?
In 1917 this country
entered the War after a
German U Boat sunk the
ship, Lusitania.
What is the U.S.A?
These countries are the first
countries that had the initial
conflict that sparked the war.
What are AustriaHungary, and Serbia?
This country is said to have
unofficially gained it’s
independence in Vimy Ridge.
What is Canada?
This machine was first
used by the British in the
battle of Somme. And it is
perfect for trench warfare.
What are Tanks?
This deadly weapon could fire
300 to 350 rounds per minute and
required 4-6 men to operate
What are Machine
WW1 was the first war to use
these machines after they were
armed with guns and bombs.
People in the war would often
engage in Dogfights using them.
What are Airplanes?
These machines would
attack enemy ships with
torpedoes. Germany's were
called U-Boats.
What are
These machines were given to the
Canadian corps in Europe and was a
complete failure because they tended
to jam and overheat after prolonged
What is the Ross
This battle took place in Belgium in
1915 and included the first use of
poison gas. Also, over 6000
Canadian soldiers died but stood
their ground. This is where they
earned their reputation for bravery.
What is the Battle
of Ypres?
This battle took place in France in
1916 with the Western front VS the
Germans. The British used tanks for
the first time and over 1 million men
died in total. Many say in this battle
the “lions were led by donkeys”
because of British generals making
poor decisions.
What is the Battle of
This battle took place in France in
1917 and was the first time an all
Canadian force was led by
What is Vimy Ridge?
This battle took place in Belgium in
1917 and over 15000 Canadians
died. This battle was known for it’s
large amount of mud due to the
closeness to sea level near the ocean.
Here the allies tried to break through
the German line to get to their
submarines on the coast.
What is the Battle of
In this series of battles, the Canadian
Corps were given the task of leading
an attack on an important salient
near Amiens. The Canadians
advanced over 130 miles in three
days and lost over 600 000
casualties. It ended on the 11th
minute, of the 11th hour, of the 11th
What is Canada’s
Hundred Days?
This Plan was named for its author and
was made in 1905. It was meant to
allow Germany to fight both France
and Russia simultaneously by quickly
invading and defeating France through
Belgium, then changing forces to the
Russian front. This was attempted in
early 1914.
What is the Schlieffen
This strategy is made up of the
parapet, parados, barbed wire,
a periscope, Fire step, Dug
out, and a duck board.
What are Trenches?
This strategy is made up of a gradual
build up of troops to outnumber the
opponent. Here you would use an
____________ barrage lasting several
days to destroy the enemy’s trenches.
Then attack across no-man’s land.
What is artillery?
This strategy involves
no barrage and no buildup of troops. Here you
attack with your forces
and try to… the enemy.
What is, to surprise?
To capture Vimy Ridge, Canada
used this technique where they
would create a moving wall of
mud using artillery shells that
soldiers would hide behind.
What is the Creeping
Final Jeopardy: The Treaty of
List any three out of the seven terms
the League of Nations forced
Germany to agree to six months
after the armistice.
1.War Guilt Clause
2.Reparations of about $33 billion
3.Removal of the German speaking areas of
4.Loss of all German overseas colonies
5.Commercial transport vessels factory equipment
etc. is to be confiscated
6.Restrictions to Germany’s military size to an
army less than 100 000, and navy less than 15000
7.Germany is not allowed to join the League of
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