Une Journée au Collège

WALT: To be able to talk about my school routine
WILF: Understanding a description of a
day at school, including times of the day,
which teachers you have and things you
do for level 4.
Copy these phrases in French and English into your books. They are all things that
you do during the day at school. Use the pictures and a dictionary to help work
out the meanings.
J’arrive au collège
J’écoute le professeur
Je parle avec mes copines
Je lis
Je mange à la cantine
Je travaille à l’ordinateur
How to write a sentence saying when you have a lesson and with
Copy the following example in French and English.
Nous avons le français à onze heures avec Monsieur Wilkinson
We have French at 11 o’clock with Mr. Wilkinson
To adapt this example to write about your own lessons, simply
change the words which are highlighted in colour. You know the
school subject words and how to tell the time. You will also need
these words…
Monsieur (M.) = Mister (Mr.)
Madame (Mme.) = Missus (Mrs.)
Maidmoiselle (Mlle.) = Miss (No abbreviation in English)
Now complete the sentences on the next slide…
Complete the sentences by replacing the pictures with an
appropriate word, then translate into English.
Nous avons
avec Mrs. Stamp
Nous avons
Nous avons
Now write 5 similar sentences in French about 5 other subjects
Ex4. Copy the sentence in full by completing it with the correct word or phrase in
italics. The answers are in the text.
Score out of 8… 8 = 4a, 7 = 4b, 6 = 4c, 5 = 3a, 4 = 3b, 3 = 3c, 2 = 2a, 1 = 2b Write
your level that you achieved in your book
Extension Task
Translate the text into English