American President Worksheet

American President Worksheet
The president plays several roles. Find as many examples from “The American President” of
presidential roles as you can.
1. Chief of State: ceremonial head of government, symbol of all American people
2. Chief Executive: head of executive branch, broad power in domestic and foreign affairs
3. Chief Administrator: director of the Federal government
4. Chief Diplomat: main architect of U.S. foreign policy, nation’s spokesman to the rest of
the world
5. Commander in Chief: has direct and immediate control of the U.S. armed forces
6. Chief Legislator: main architect of the nation’s public policy, “initiates, suggests,
requests, insists, and demands that Congress enact much of its major legislation”
7. Chief of Party: leader of their political party
8. Chief Citizen: “representative of the people” – work for and represent public interest
against the many private interests
Purpose: To help you visualize textbook knowledge as it applies to the “reality” of the
Specifics: Type, print and submit your answers at the start of class on Tuesday. Answer the
following questions in complete sentences that form formal paragraphs.
a. Do you think this movie reflects an authentic look at a modern president? Why or why
not? Explain.
b. Discuss several of the “hats” Andrew Shepard wore during the movie. Be specific and
use actual examples from the movie.
c. Discuss the role of the media in forming the public perception toward Andrew Shepard.
Do you think this is reflective of how the media impacts the presidency in “real life?”
d. Discuss the relationship between the President, Congress and the media? Did they work
together? Did they help one another? Did they work again each other? Please give specific
examples from the movie.
e. Do you think a President can have a personal life in America? Why or why not? Fully
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