World Geography Finale Study Guide Review

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7th Grade
World Geography Finale
Study Guide
1. A _______________ is a steep, narrow, u-shaped valley that is carved out by a glacier.
2. The countries of _______________ and ______________ are on the Iberian Peninsula.
3. The Mediterranean Sea separates Europe from _______________.
4. The Chunnel runs under the ____________________.
5. The ____________________ used to be called “The Pillars of Hercules.”
6. The _______________ Canal was completed by the British in 1869 and connect the
Mediterranean and the Red Sea.
7. The _______________ River is the longest river on Earth.
8. _______________ in the U.A.E. is one of the richest cities on Earth.
9. _______________ is the most populated city in the Near East.
10. What is Diffusion?
11. What is the Muslim holy book?
12. What is a dialect?
13. What is monotheism?
14. What is Polytheism?
15. Explain innovation.
16. What is a Cultural Hearth?
17. What is the Jewish holy book?
18. What term best describes what enables people to communicate in a wide variety of ways?
19. In regards to migration, what are push and pull factors?
20. How deep is the Panama Canal?
21. Most of Latin America is made up of __________ or ___________.
22. How far does Latin America stretch?
23. La _____________ is the main mountain chain extending from the Rocky Mountains in
Canada and the United States, through the Sierra Madres in Mexico and Central America, and
along the western coast of South America. In South America, these mountains are known as the
24. What is Geography?
25. A __________ also known as a __________ identifies what the symbols on a map represent.
26. Name the 7 Continents?
27. What is Cartography?
28. Which hemisphere is this?
28. Why are flat maps always distorted?
29. Why does the Great Lakes St. Lawrence physical region of Canada have unpredictable
30. Tell me any one thing about the Plains physical region of Canada?
31. Which mountain range is both the longest Mountain range in South America and the World?
32. South America has ___ major river systems: the Amazon River, the ______________ River,
and the Rio de la Plata.
33. The _______________ Desert in Chile is one of the driest places on Earth. In some places
there it hasn’t rained in over 400 years.
34. The Amazon River is _______________ miles long.
Of the following 4 maps you will be expected to know a total of 20
countries from any 2 maps. On the Finale there will be 2 of these 4 maps
and you will have to be able to label at least 20 total countries from them.