Running Your Business Discussion KPC

The Business of School Food Service
Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act
The Healthy, Hunger Free-Kids Act of 2010 sets new
nutrition standards for schools, and allocates $4.5 billion dollars
for their implementation.
The new nutrition standards have been a major cause of First
Lady Michelle Obama in her fight against childhood obesity.
• Whole Grains Requirements
• Lower Sodium Levels
• Establishes Calorie Limits
• More Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
• Meal Price Increases
• Al la Carte Guidelines (pending)
Rising Obesity Rates in America
The Time for Change is Now
Who Moved My Cheese?
Change Happens
They Keep Moving The Cheese
Anticipate Change
Get Ready For The Cheese To Move
Monitor Change
Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting
Adapt To Change Quickly
The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You
Can Enjoy New Cheese
Move With The Cheese
Enjoy Change!
Savor The Adventure And Enjoy The Taste Of New Cheese!
Be Ready To Change Quickly And Enjoy It Again
They Keep Moving The Cheese.
Factors Influencing Change
• Generational
• Changing Ethnic Population
• Local Initiatives
• Environmental
• National Momentum for Change
BOOMERs, X, Y, I, and AO Gens
Oh My!
Super Size Me
• Shrinking Budgets
• Less Family Income
• Labor Challenges
• Global Market
• Higher Food Prices
As a forecast, the 2012/13 corn
yield will be the lowest since 1996.
50% of the current US Corn Crop
is lost.
Corn Prices are predicted to
increase dramatically.
Social Media
“A system where goods or services
are exchanged for money on the basis
of their perceived worth. Every
business requires an investment and a
sufficient number of customers to sell
at a profit on a consistent basis.”
Recipe for Success
Recognizing, Facing and
Embracing Change.
“You’re either moving forward,
or going backwards…there is
no stopping.”
author unknown
Success Planning
1. Define Your Mission Statement
2. Develop Your Culture, Vision and Values.
3. Services Beyond Point of Sale.
4. Rewards for Performance and Creativity
5. Celebrate Winning
Identify Strengths
1. Nurture Creativity
2. Promote Collaboration
3. Cultivate Leadership
4. Engage Resources
5. Reinforce a Positive Vision
Challenge as an Opportunity
1. Empower People
2. Expand Horizons
3. Atmosphere of Continual Learning
4. Set New Expectations
5. Seek New Perspectives
Realize Threats
1. Poor Execution
2. Lack of Buy-In
3. Prepare for the Worst
4. Eradicate Negativity
5. Attitudes are Infectious
Develop a Process
1. Conduct a SWOT analysis.
2. Develop a list of action steps.
3. Focus on ‘Mission Critical’ items.
4. Process of accessing new initiatives.
5. Conduct regular 1-on-1s.
6. Define short term & long range goals