Daultipur-Salturia Tornado

Daultipur-Salturia Tornado
Richard, Hoa
Classification of Hazard.
• This hazard is classified as a Atmospheric
disaster. This is classified as an
atmospheric hazard because its
connected with weather changes and the
difference between cold and warm air
masses from one places to another.
Natural Hazard event and place.
• This hazard occurred on April 26th 1989.
• This happened in Bangladesh.
• Tornado
Estimated to of killed 1300 people.
80,000 people were left homeless.
12,000 people were injured.
Destroyed six square kilometres area.
Saturia and Manikgani were both fully
Other hazards this location faces
• This location has faced many other
tornadoes but they weren't as sever as the
Saulturia Tornado.
Death, injuries
• Roughly 13,00 were killed
• Roughly 12,000 were injured.
• Frequency : This event has happened
more than once in this location and
happens often. This means the frequency
is high. Earthquakes and other hazards
has happened as well.
• It lasted 20 minutes or longer, with wind
speeds of 180-350 kph.
• six square kilometer area of the tornado's
path was completely destroyed.
Speed of onset
• The area had been in the state of drought
for six months before the tornado hit.
Spatial Dispersion
• There is no Spatial dispersion because
Tornadoes are able to occur in a variety of
locations and do not repeat in one spot.
Temporal spacing
• In Bangladesh, there are 2 tornado season
( March to May and October to November)
• About 25-30 local severe thunderstorms
and tornadoes lash the country during
each of the two tornado seasons