Leadership - Superior Public Schools

The Principal’s Role in
Supporting Teacher Leadership
To Improve Student Outcomes
Rhonda Hoyt
EDAD 854
Teachers As Leaders
• Specific Expertise
• May be curriculum, assessment, classroom mgmt
• Supports Principal’s Leadership
• Shared organizational goals
Teachers As Leaders
• Shared Decision Making
• Authority to make some decisions
• Extends Capacity of Principal
• Principal can focus on leading
The Effect of Principal’s Values
on Development of Teacher
• Principal sets tone
• Creates climate for leadership or not
• Reinforces desired behaviors
• Can be either positive or negative
The Effect of Principal’s Values
on Development of Teacher
• Assigns responsibilities
• Shows with actions whether teacher
leaders are expected/accepted
Conditions Affecting Leadership Behaviors
• Experience
• From previous positions
• Knowledge Base
• Content areas, classes
Conditions Affecting Leadership Behaviors
• Personal Characteristics
• Energy level, people skills
• Beliefs about Appropriate Roles
• For self and other admin or subordinates
• Teachers have great potential for leadership
• Principal strongly influences climate for
• Effective leaders increase leadership capacity
of those around them
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