Advent (Term 1, Lesson 13

Alive-O 8
A Time of Waiting
Waiting to celebrate the coming of Jesus as one
of us when He was born in Bethlehem.
Waiting for His final coming at the end of time.
A Time of Conversion
John the Baptist calls us to ‘Repent for the
kingdom of Heaven is at hand’ (Matthew 3:21)
We are called to become more Christ-like during
this time of preparation.
Bible Search
Matthew 24:37-44
Romans 13:11-14
Mark 13:33-37
Luke 21:25-36
Matthew 3:1-12
A Time of Joyful Hope
We live and pray in hope that we will build
Christ’s kingdom here on earth through our
faith, our hope and justice.
We live and pray in hope that we will become
more like Christ.
Bible Search
Isaiah 35:1-10
Matthew 11:2-11
Isaiah 61:1-11
Luke 3:10-18
A time to experience the salvation as
Good News.
In the beginning was the One who is called the Word.
The Word was with God and truly was God.
From the beginning the Word was with God.
And with this Word,
God created all things.
Nothing was made
without the Word.
Everything that was created
received its life from God.
Bible Search: John 1:1-17
When all was darkness, deep and low,
The voice of God called forth the light
To split the curtain of the night.
Then what was light he called the day
While what was night in darkness lay.
Bible Search: Genesis 1:1-5
Then God divided earth and sea
And marked the place where each should be
With mountains rising high and steep
And oceans spreading wide and deep.
Bible Search: Genesis 1:6-10
The God called seeds to sprout and grow
And all the flowers that we know.
The trees and grass, both great and small.,
Blossomed when they heard his call.
Bible Search: Genesis 1:11-12
Then God called all that swim and fly,
The creatures of the sea and sky,
And all the creatures of the land
Were shaped and formed by God’s good hands.
Bible Search: Genesis 1:20-23
When all was done God loved it all,
The dewdrop and the waterfall,
The timid creatures and the strong,
The robin and the thrush’s song.
Bible Search: Genesis 1:24-25
He searched the sea and sky above
To find one who would share his love.
When none was found, his plan unfurled,
God made a man to share his world.
Bible Search: Genesis 1:26
He made a man and woman too
To share his world so bright and new;
To love the earth, the sea, the sky,
The creatures, fish and birds that fly.
God gave them all to man to show
His special love, long, long ago.
Bible Search: Genesis 1:27