Nathaniel E. Barrios Fuentes US Citizen

HC 2 Box 16103 Arecibo P.R.00612 / (787) 317- 8033 / [email protected]
Nathaniel E. Barrios Fuentes
U.S. Citizen
To obtain an entry-level position as a Mechanical Engineer, allowing me to utilize my education and offer my
skills and knowledge of mechanical concepts while gaining valuable work experience in a team oriented
environment helping the organization and/or company’s vision and mission.
Experience - October 2008 - Present
266TH ORD CO, US Army Reserve
Ramey USARC, Aguadilla, PR
Firefighter 12M, SPC/E-4
 Responsible for protecting lives and property from fire by controlling and extinguish it.
 Ensure the planning for prevention of fire by inspecting and taking safety measures on posts, buildings and
 Assist on drill weekends monthly and give support to Fort Buchanan PR Fire Station when assigned yearly.
- August 2012 - Present
Interamerican University School of Engineering
Bayamon, PR
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Assistant – Work and Study Employee
 Parabolic Solar Concentrator Investigation (assigned March, 2013)
 Responsible for the laboratory safety, functionality and maintenance.
- January 2013 - Present Interamerican University Program of Educational Services Bayamon, PR
Tutor of Mathematics
 Assigned to a group of students assisting on classes as Algebra, Pre-calculus, Calculus 1, 2, 3.
 Help the student to learn the basics of mathematics and solving any doubt of the material.
 Assist the technician with the material on discussion.
- September 2011 – April 2012
VA Caribbean Healthcare System
San Juan, PR
Energy Manager Assistant – VA Work and Study Employee
 Monitoring energy consumption by collecting data on illumination at an assigned building.
 Photovoltaic system energy production estimation on assigned buildings.
 Employing new ideas and methods to reduce the energy consumption and energy costs.
- January 2010 – May 2011
Interamerican University Center of Tutoring
Arecibo, PR
Tutor of Mathematics
 Responsible with students how have problems with learning in mathematics.
 Assists students with classes as Algebra, Pre-calculus and Calculus 1.
- July 2007 – November 2008
La Gran VIA Inc. Plaza Del Norte
Hatillo, PR
Sales Representative, Stock employer
 Increase number of sales, customer service, merchandise presentation and seek out new clients.
 Maintain records, organize merchandise, make and receive merchandise orders.
- August 2007 - Present
Interamerican University of Puerto Rico
Bayamon, PR
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
 Minor in Industrial Engineering : Quality Systems
 GPA: 3.58/4.00 ABET accredited
 149 Credits Earned ( Completion date: December 2014)
- April 2009 - July 2009
Louis F. Garland DoD Fire Academy, Goodfellow AFB
San Angelo, TX
US Army Firefighter
 DoD Certified Firefighter I/II, HazMat Awareness and Operation, Aircraft Rescue Firefighting.
- August 2004 – May 207
Vocational High School Antonio Lucchetti
Arecibo, PR
Certificate on Drafting and Design
 On Auto CAD
- August 2012 – December 2012
Interamerican University of Puerto Rico
Bayamon, PR
Mechanism for Erasing Blackboard
 The design consists of two arms connected to a bar used for erasing the board made by scale.
 Final design was a 4 bar linkage mechanism useful to others applications.
 Presented orally to the department faculty.
- June 2012
Interamerican University of Puerto Rico
Bayamon, PR
Race Track for Miniature cars
 Using the Basic X-35 microprocessor for to make a program that determine which car wins and also control the
race track.
 The final design complies with the specifications by creating a program and an electrical circuit for the control of
the track and additional the program shows the line that wins with the specific time of the car.
 Presented orally and submitted in a write report to the department director.
- September 2011 – January 2012
VA Caribbean Healthcare System
San Juan, PR
Building Lighting Plan Bulbs Data Collection
 Monitoring energy consumption made by the bulbs on the entire building.
 By collecting the energy consumption and the illumination data a comparison was made simulating the bulbs as
energy efficient ones.
 Resulting a significant yearly low cost on energy consumption. Report submitted to Energy Manager.
- February 2012 – April 2012
VA Caribbean Healthcare System
San Juan, PR
Photovoltaic System Energy Production Data Acquisition
 Develop the estimated quantity by square feet of photovoltaic cells on the roof of assigned buildings.
 Designing the distribution the quantity and the energy production could by estimated.
 Photovoltaic system energy production estimation was summited by report to Energy Manager.
Research - March 2013 - Present
Interamerican University of Puerto Rico
Bayamon, PR
Parabolic Solar Concentrator
 Design a parabolic solar concentrator that complies with the energy for to run a Stirling motor.
Affiliations August 2011 - Present
Interamerican University of Puerto Rico
Bayamon, PR
- SAE - Role: President of the Student chapter August 2012 present; Design team member of the
project "SAE Aero design" (official member)
- ASME - Role: Mechanical engineering student counselor (official member)
- IAERG - Inter American Energy Research Group –Role: August 2012 research member
- FFA - Role: Past active member for 6 years.
Certifications - June 2012 – Expires June 18, 2014
Health care provider – CPR
- July 15, 2009
Firefighter I and II
Seal number- 1361756
- July 15, 2009
Airport Firefighter
Seal number- 1361757
- July 15, 2009
HazMat Awareness and Operations
Seal number- 1361755
- December 24, 2008 Security Clearance: Secret Investigation Data: NACLC 20081212
- May 2011 - Present
Interamerican University of Puerto Rico
Bayamon, PR
Certificate of Recognition Campus Dean
 Part of the student Dean List.
- Languages: Spanish and English. (In both domain in writing, reading and speaking)
- Software Knowledge: Windows, Microsoft Office, Solid Works, Auto Cad, Working Model 2D, Multisim, Visual
Studio, MathLab.
- Programming Languages and Techniques: C and C++, Plotting.
- Relevant Knowledge in Engineering Fields: CAD, Instrumentation, Thermodynamics.
- Others: Work Under Pressure, Teamwork and Creativity, Oral Presentation, Leadership, People Motivator
and Laboratory experience.
References - Available upon request.