Book A Trip Around the World

Book a Trip Around the World
Pierson Elementary School
Exciting News!!!
Laura Bush Foundation Grant makes a
study of world cultures possible for
Pierson Elementary School students.
287 Books Added to the Collection!!
So Many Wonderful Books!!
Each grade level researches a
different continent.
Kindergarten studies Australia.
Third grade studies Europe.
The research begins…….
Maps are made.
Interesting facts and pictures are
added to the maps.
Students make oral presentations.
The map projects are displayed in the
media center.
Students take a tour of the world.
First stop - Africa
Next stop -Europe
Then on to South America-
Teachers act as tour guides.
Moving on through North America
and Asia.
Checking out Australia and the
Time for a snack from each of the
seven continents.
Treats provided by P.T.A.
Cookies with fig filling
Gummy Bears
Fortune cookies
Kiwi Jelly Beans
Plantain chips
Guarana Soda
Morocco, Africa
Germany, Europe
China, Asia
New Zealand, Oceania
Panama, North America
Brazil, South America
A great way to end the trip!!
Special Thanks to
Media Advisory Committee for time spent in planning the grant proposal
Lou Anne Blankenship for guidance in writing the grant proposal
Classroom teachers for their involvement and support in the project
Special Area and ESOL teachers for acting as guides during the culminating activity
Mrs. Biferie for the amazing art projects she had her students create for the projects
Ms. Fienning for coordinating such wonderful music plans to go with the country studies
Media Aide Tabitha Heimbach who helped with everything and never complained
P.T. A. for funding the snacks for the culminating activity
Mr. Myers and Ms. Deane for their vision and support
And Most Importantly….
Our students who worked hard and created such interesting projects.