Chapter 15 Section 3

Chapter 15 Section 3
Kingdoms and Crusades
Pages 534-543 Questions 1-6
1. What is the significance of the battle of
• William the Conqueror defeated Harold of
Godwinson and crowned himself king of England.
2.What groups developed from the 3 major
divisions of Slavs in Eastern Europe?
• 1. Southern Slavs (Croats, Serbs and Bulgarians)
• 2. Western Slavs (Poles, Czechs, and Slovaks)
• 3. Eastern Slavs (Ukrainians, Belorussian, and
3. Draw a chart to list the kings of England
and France and their achievements
King / Country
United the Anglo-Saxon
William/ England
Took a census in England
Signed the Magna Carta
Philip II/ France
Regained land from England
Philip IV/ France
Met with Estates-General
4. What was the importance of the
Magna Carta?
• It was the first document to limit the King’s Powers.
5. Describe the development of England’s
Parliament, and discuss its role in changing
• Parliament included 2 houses – House of the Lords
and the House of the Commons, and it was a
major step towards representative government.
6. Why did cities such as Venice
flourish as a result of the Crusades?
• Crusaders depended of those cities for
supplies, so they became important trading
cities and businesses flourished.