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The CHALLENGE must come from within in order for the lessons to be of lasting significance…
Contact Information and Schedule
Héctor Pérez
Room 311
650-575-0872 (cell phone; text and call in times of doubt or crisis)
1-Survey of Literature and Composition (Freshmen)
6- SoPol (Society and Politics in Literature - Seniors)
7-Prep in the Fall, Softball in the Spring
Daily Routines (designed to meet objectives as set forth in the Common Core State Standards)
Language (See below)
Reading (see below)
Speaking and Listening (See below)
Writing (see below)
HOMEWORK: Definitions/prep for READINGS
HOMEWORK: Reading (logs), Annotations due Fridays
HOMEWORK: Editing 1st Drafts, composing subsequent drafts
Habits of Mind and the Persona of The Rhetor
Student s will develop the persona of a mature academic involved in a conversation with others in preparation for
eventual participation at the university. A Rhetor is one who uses language. Students will develop the habits of mind
necessary for comprehension of and participation in academic endeavors.
Composition is at the heart of academic communication. Students will develop into mature writers through the
assistance of editors. The writing process will include Peer Review and Editing, home assistance, Tutorial Center
appointments, and self-assessment as preparations for submission for publication. I am the audience and the publisher;
by the time I see a piece of writing, the student will have had several opportunities to engage in the writing process with
a variety of editors.
We will read and annotate (analyze) a great deal of nonfiction literature in class. We will read our fiction and novels for
homework. Time will be set aside each Tuesday for some type of ‘free reading.’ Students will be required to respond to
their reading in writing and oral presentations.
Speaking and Listening
Block Days are excellent for listening to scintillating lectures and peer presentations, watching documentaries and
Cornell Note-Taking, Discussions, and public speaking.
We will begin each week with Language exploration: vocabulary, technical language, wordplay, etc. This will set the tone
for the week as we explore language nuances, word etymologies, useful syntax, appropriate grammar, and colorful
Materials Needed
2” Binder with tabs, Highlighters, 3x5 Cards, Lined Paper, Thumb Drive (USB Storage Device), and ‘free read’ material
The Binder
Students will need a two-inch binder with at tabs. These are the section titles:
1. LANG (Language)
Content Core Standards (CCS) Awareness + Monday Madness (Grammar, Word Analysis, Complex
Sentences, Puns, Riddles, Jokes, Crosswords, etc.)
2. READ (Reading)
CCS Awareness + Tuesday Tidbits: Non Fiction + Novels/Fiction, Free reads, Reading Logs, Annotations,
3. S&L (Speaking and Listening)
CCS Awareness + Lecture Notes, Pair Shares, Public Speaking, Cornell Notes, Discussions, Audio Visual
summaries, Presentation notes, etc.
4. WRIT (Writing)
CCS Awareness + Writing Workshops (style, mechanics), Timed/Free Writes
5. TECH (Technical Language)
Language of Analysis specific to formal study of Language and Composition
6. VOC (Vocabulary)
Dictionary and Thesaurus Fun! Vocab related to our readings, Word Histories
Grading Policy
Mountain View High School has adopted a grading policy that utilizes the State Content Core Standards as benchmarks
of proficiency in determining our students' progress toward the production of mature, quality communications and the
acquisition of skills sufficient to meet the demands of the university and career. Numerical values will represent
Advanced (A), Proficient (B), Basic (C), Below Basic (D), and No Evidence (F) evaluations of student work. Students will
be able to resubmit any assignment for a higher grade. See the Course Information Sheets for more detailed
My web site and resources
Go to www.mvla.net, Mountain View High School, MVHS Teacher Web Sites; click on Hector Perez. That is my Home
Page. The Freshmen Agenda has its own link. Students should communicate with parents regarding the content. In the
Documents you will find the various products I have generated or borrowed that correspond with the MVHS English
curricula. Throughout the year, students will be asked to print and fill out, annotate or simply read a variety of materials.
With the exception of timed writes, students will submit all writing to turnitin.com. Students must register on
Turnitin.com (if they have not already done so). These are the Log In and Password for each course:
First Period Survey:
Third Period Survey:
Fourth Period Survey:
Fifth Period Survey:
So Pol:
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