Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct
ERM Project – AIG
This Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines designed to assist the team in completing
the ERM project as fairly and efficiently as possible. As responsible students we are
interested in obtaining a top grade while advancing our knowledge in the area of
Risk Management. The team members have all agreed to work diligently to move
the project along at a pace greater than required by the course. This will afford
additional time should we have difficulty with a particular part of the project to
ensure we meet all deadlines and requirements. If we do not have any unexpected
delays, we anticipate completing the project early and being awarded extra time off
to enjoy our other interests.
Team Members:
Cindy Depina
Christopher McClean
Scott Vickery
Mary White
It is important to the group that we treat each other with respect and each member
is involved equally in the team project. We have collaboratively agreed that
communication will be handled primarily through email. In the event a need arises
the members of the team are willing to address difficult challenges by conference
call when necessary.
We have created a Wiki page, NECBMSF515 for developing our project to share
ideas and to coauthor our report, however, this is a content site for our team and not
a direct method for communication.
Handling of Assignments:
The project is broken out into five parts; developing this code of conduct plus the
four assignments. The leader for each part will be responsible for developing a list of
tasks needed to complete each assignment. The other members will volunteer on a
first come basis and will be responsible for completing the tasks within the time
frame specified by the assignment leader. Once the individual elements of the
assignment are completed it will be the responsibility of the team leader to collect,
aggregate, and edit the content, post it for the team to review, and finally to post the
assignment to the class portal following the guidelines provided by the college.
Leadership Assignments:
Code of Conduct - Scott Vickery
Part 1 - Cindy Depina
Part 2 - Chris McClean
Part 3 - Mary White
Part 4 - Scott Vickery (This is subject to change at the team's discretion)
Team Members Responsibilities:
It is expected that each team member will hold himself or herself accountable for
completing his or her fair share of each assignment and that no issues will arise.
However, in the unlikely event that a team member does not complete their part of
the project, misses a deadline, or is unresponsive, the other team members will
continue to reach out to that individual, while also developing a back-up plan to
make sure the assignment is completed fully and on time. If the problem persists the
team will discuss the issue together to resolve the matter, and if the situation
becomes untenable the team may reach out to the professor for guidance. All issues
will be handled in a professional and appropriate manner.
Team members are expected to treat one another with respect at all times and to
meet the ethical standards as required by the college. Unethical practices will not be
tolerated. Students are expected to contribute in a meaningful way and create
original work for the team and the class. Any suspected plagiarism will be brought
to the attention of the group and reviewed with the suspected team member for
clarification. Continued problems will be brought to the attention of the professor.