Resume - Rampages

Huy en T Ng uyen
9606 Proctors Road ● Richmond, VA 23237 ● 804-519-9007
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
Bachelor of Science in Business
VCU Globe and Peace Corp Prep Program, Cohort 2014
Major in Financial Technology
Minor in Mathematical Science and Statistics
GPA: 3.856, anticipated graduation: December 2015
Dean lists: Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015
Related Courses Truckee’s Boat Project – Intermedia Accounting I (B)
 Journalized all the transactions from descriptions of events
 Prepared T-accounts, journal entries, adjusting entries, and closing entries
 Prepared unadjusted trial balance, adjusted trial balance, and post-closing trial balance
Corporate Analysis Project – Financial Management (A)
 Compared companies within the same industry using financial statements and ratios
 Generated 5 years pro forma income statement for each company
 Determined the stock price based on the pro forma and performed financial analysis
Employee Benefit Portfolio for a Hypothetical VA Company – Employee Benefit Planning (A)
 Provide explanation and justification for the choice of benefits in light of the firm’s budgetary limits
 Conducted comparative analysis between two hypothetical incurred losses
 Summary overall costs to employer and employees
Life insurance & Financial Plan for a Hypothetical Family – Life & Health Insurance (A)
 Provide explanation of each risk/ need of the hypothetical family and its corresponding solution
 Illustrate methods of estimating the insurance need
 Summary of all coverages and overall cost as a percentage of the family budget
Database Project – Database System (A)
 Conducted a written business situation into Extended Entities Relation Diagram
 Translated EERD into relational table in 3NF
 Implemented SQL commands specifics to each application and provided screenshots
International Market Plan Project – International Marketing (A)
 Researched and collected overall information on a given region
 Summarized and processed comprehensive analysis on a chosen fast food company
 Generated appropriate international marketing plan using 4Ps strategies
IT Office Assistant and Help Desk, VCU School of Dentistry, Richmond, VA, 10/2013-Present
 Maintain services for desktops for the clinic and the whole school
 Install software and programs needed for each department
 Determine resolved the problem in time manner
 Upgrade and program old desktops
 Construct and assemble new desktops
Bridge Mentor, VCU Undergraduate Bridge Program, Richmond, VA, 08/2014
 Upheld VCU Honor Code and promote the VCU Undergraduate Bridge positively on and off
 Attended each class meetings, faculty meetings, and VCU Undergraduate Bridge meetings
 Supported VCU Undergraduate Bridge international students in their arrival and orientation to the
US and VCU campus
 Assisted the teaching and learning process among individuals and groups
 Modeled outstanding student behaviors
Marshalls Associate, North Chesterfield, VA, 10/2013-02/2014
 Arranged items on store racks and shelves
 Ensured accurate pricing
 Assisted customers locate merchandise
 Determined resolved the problem in time manner
 Handled customer inquiries regarding Marshalls goods and services
Teacher Assistant, Church of the Vietnamese Martyrs, Richmond, VA, 09/2012-09/2013
 Discussed assigned duties with teachers in order to coordinate instructional efforts
 Tutored and assist students individually or in small groups
 Graded homework and observe students’ performance in classroom
 Supervised students in the classroom, halls and school yards
 Enforced administration policies and rules governing students
Vietnamese Teacher, Church of the Vietnamese Martyrs, Richmond, VA, 10/2015-Present
 Adhere to school system policies and model correct use of language, oral and written
 Conducts assigned classes at the times scheduled
 Assigns reasonable tasks and homework to students
 Demonstrates accurate and up-to-date knowledge of content
 Enhance and preserve the Vietnamese culture and traditions
Refugee In-Home Tutor, Commonwealth Catholic Charities, Richmond, VA, 09/2015-Present
 Assist newly arriving refugee/ immigrant students upon schoolwork
 Provide academic support in all school subjects
 Create activities to improve students conversational English
 Adapt culture and language barriers and introduce students to American culture.
 Report any problems, member incidents and concerns to supervisor
Extracurricular Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society in the US, 10/2010-12/2013, 08/2015-Present
Internet browsers, adobe, office suites, Oracle, SQL, database, R program, C#, and C++
Proficient: Vietnamese and English