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I want to insert a slide…
• Move your mouse over the slide
where you would like to place a new
slide in your PowerPoint.
• Right Click and a box will appear, you
will want to click on new slide.
• Once you have created a slide you
may move it anywhere into the
presentation by placing your mouse
on the slide you want to move, and
left click & drag/hold, drag it to the
place you want it to be.
Setting a Picture as your Background
Select your picture and save it as a picture.
Go to Design.
To the right, select Background styles.
Select Format Background.
Click on Picture or Text.
Click on Insert from: File.
Select your photo.
Example of a background
Another Example of a background
Adding a picture
1. Find a picture on the internet and
copy it.
2. You may have to save it to your
3. Pull up your powerpoint, right click
and paste picture onto your page.
4. You will need to move your picture
and place it where you want it.
Inserting a Hyperlink
• Go to the web site you want to include into
your PowerPoint.
• Highlight your address at the top of your
• Copy the highlighted address.
• When your PowerPoint is open, paste the
address where you would like the address to
Using a picture as a Hyperlink
Insert a picture onto your slide.
Once picture is inserted, click on your picture so you see a box around it.
Go to the tool bar and click insert and then on hyperlink button.
Copy the web address and paste it in the bottom address box.
Then you will need to press ok.
Your picture will be hyperlinked when the PPT is in slideshow mode.
Your picture when in the working stages will not open.
If you would like to view your hyperlink, right click on picture.
Using Documents saved in a folder as a
• Save the document you
want to use.
• I save all the documents
into the file where I place
the ppt.
• When you choose the
hyperlink button, click the
look in button.
• This is where you will see
the documents that you
have saved. Choose the
document you want linked
to your picture and press
Inserting Sound
• The easiest way to insert sound is by clicking on the insert
• Click the bell that is the second to last icon at the top of page.
• Choose the sound from clip organizer and choose all
collections. This will allow you to select tons of sounds.
• Once you have chosen your sound, it will ask you if you want
the sound to play automatically or when clicked.
• Once you have a sound icon in place. At the top will be a
sound tab. Click on it and towards the left will be a hide box,
check this box and it will hide your sound icons during
Inserting a voice recorded sound
• Click on Insert, then click the sound button.
• Scroll down to record sound.
• A small screen will appear, press the red dot
and begin to speak.
• When you are finished with what you want to
say, press the square and click OK.
• This will insert a speaker onto the slide you
are working on.
• To add movement to your slides, you will
need to add animations.
• Click on the animations button.
• Choose one of the selections from above.
• Click on the animation you would like to
happen to your slide.
• To see if you have successfully added
animation look to the left on your slides and
you will see a star.
Transitions Continued…
• Once you have selected the animation you
may want to…
• Adjust the speed: At the top of the page is
how fast you want your animation to move.
• You also have the option to apply it to all the
slides if you want.
Transitions Continued…
• You can also Loop, this
means you can continuously
run a ppt.
• Go to slide show and click set
up slide show.
• Look for the column of show
options and put a check
mark in “loop continuous”.
• The slideshow will loop until
you click on ESC.
How can I use this?
• To Read a Book
• Review words
• Review games
• Link to word documents
• Using PPT to
Any Questions?