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Android in Teaching

Beginning Course

Workshop Agenda

• General Android Tablet Information

• Basic Tablet Functions

• Connectivity

• Wi-Fi

• Bluetooth & Bluetooth Devices

• Application & Widget Management

• Productivity Boosters

General Android Tablet Information

• Software on tablets Google Open Source

• Manufacturer tablets are not identical

• Buttons may be in different locations, etc.

Unlocking Tablet

• Press finger on to display screen below:

Unlocking Tablet

• Slight right to unlock

• Slide left to open camera

Locking Tablet

• Locking tablet turns screen off, conserving battery life

• Simply press power button (Don’t hold down)

• Screen will turn black

• Security lock discussed later


Back: takes you to previous screen.

Very useful in apps

Home: takes you to home screen

Display Active Apps:

Displays all active apps.

Swipe apps left to close them. This conserves battery

Screen Shot

• Can be different for different models

• Commonly holding Power Button + Volume Down

• Very useful for troubleshooting

Navigating to Settings

Settings Button

Bottom Right Corner

Connectivity: WiFi & Bluetooth


• Connecting to Southeast Secure

Enter Credentials

SE Key


Then register at http://splat.semo.edu

Linking Southeast Email

• Select Email app

Linking Southeast Email

• Enter email address & password

Linking Southeast Email

• Select Account Type IMAP

Linking Southeast Email

• Enter the following incoming server settings


Select Device to Begin Connecting

When first connecting, code will be generated which must be entered into keyboard or other device



Android has 2 Levels Press to get to index

Index Level

Apps and Widgets: What’s the difference?

An App is a program

A widget streams live content

Managing Apps & Widgets

• All apps and widgets on device are displayed in index

• Not all apps and widgets will be displayed on homescreen

Adding Apps & Widgets to Homescreen

• Hold finger on desired, app/widget & drag to preferred location

Removing Apps & Widgets from


• Hold finger on app/widget

• Drag to top of screen to

• When app turns red, release

Deleting Apps & Widgets

• Removing apps & widgets from the homescreen DOES

NOT remove from device

• To delete:

• Navigate to Index

• Hold app and drag to top of screen to

• Icon will turn red, release to delete

Using the Camera

• Locate app on either homepage or index

Drag to zoom

Click to capture

Flip camera to face self

Still picture




Adding Apps

Google Play Store



Google Play Store

Searching for Apps

Apps Home

Search by Name

Downloading Apps

Select desired app and click install

Productivity Apps

Adobe Reader QR Droid ColorNote



Mint Personal









Android in Teaching

Beginning Course

Android in Teaching

Intermediate Course

Workshop Agenda

• Additional Features

• Controlling the Desktop

• Apps

• Cloud Storage

• Microsoft Office Suite Compatibility

Security Lock

• Navigate to “Settings”

• Scroll down to “Security”

• Select “Screen Lock”

• You may remove lock

• Security Lock Options

• Slide

• Pattern


• Password

Controlling the Screen

• Splashtop 2

• Download Steamer:

• Splashtop.com/splashtop2

• Splashtop Whiteboard

Capture PDF

• Cam Scanner

• Photograph document & convert it to PDF

Capture PDF

• App automatically crops images

Capture PDF

• PDF is ready to be exported

Annotate PDF

• iAnnotate PDF

• Easily annotate PDFs on tablet

• Draw with pen tool, or type notes

Annotate PDF

• Type notes which are hidden until selected

Polling & Assessing Students

• Demonstration

• Socrative Teacher

• Socrative Student

Mindjet Maps

• Thought mapping tool

• Maps can be created and accessed on either tablets or computers

• $15/ month

Cloud Computing

Dropbox Skydrive Box.com

Google Drive


Microsoft OneNote

• Notebook program

• Syncs with desktop version and Skydrive

• Organize information into notebooks and tabs

Office Suite Compatible Apps

• Documents To Go

• Free version & $14.95 full version

• Free: View Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

• Paid version: View and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

• OfficeSuite Pro 7

• View, edit, and print Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files

• Open e-mail attachments and PDF’s using app’s software