Crash Course

Table of Contents
• How to save documents using various software
– Location
– File Name
– File Type
• How to insert pictures and save them
– Internet Explorer
– Netscape
– Clip Art
How to Save Documents
Using various computer software
How to Save Files
Which ever
program you are
using, go to File
Save As…
3 Things to Look for When Saving
1. The Location
where the file to be
saved is going to
be placed
2. The File Name.
What are you
going to name
your file?
3. And the File Type
What is the location where you
are going to save to?
Documents can be
saved to various
locations within the
computer or to
external drives.
Looking at My
Documents is a good
way to find out the
possibilities and
places where to save.
Locations to Save on
Computers in the Lab
Also depending where the professor would like their students to save their
files is where you, the lab assistant must make sure the students save their
files properly.
It is always good to make suggest to students to save backup copies of all
of their work in two different locations.
Why Use Folders
Because the computers in the labs are used by many students, everybody
uses and shares the same computer space to work on and save their documents.
The only way to maintain one’s own private space within Work Space is to create a
personalized folder with one’s own name to identify who it belongs to.
A folder can be created in a couple of places within a computer. Folders
can be created in the Desktop, and any computer drive such as the 31/2 Floppy
(A:), Work Space (D:), CD Drive (E:), Shared on ‘edpac-win2000’ (Z:).
The example on how to create a folder will be demonstrated once on the
desktop, to avoid redundancy, and will be able to be applied to all other computer
drives as well.
How to Create a Folder
•Right click on the Desktop
•Go to New, then Folder
•Then a new folder will
appear on the Desktop
ready to be named
File Name
When giving a document a file name, make it relevant to the document or
It is best if documents are given short and simple file names. This is true
when uploading (publishing) documents onto the internet because you
avoid the hassle of typing out treacherous URL’s which is going to be hard
to remember every time you want to view your website.
If you are going to upload a document on to the internet it is recommended
not to use capital letters, spaces, or symbol characters. If you must use a
space to separate words use an underscore ( _ ) or dash ( - ) to represent a
Examples of proper file names would consist of:
Choose the File Type
Know How to Change Suffixes
Depending on the type of software you are
working with when you save, a different type of
suffix will apply to the end of your file name.
File Types
Microsoft (DOC)
Power Point (PPT)
Excel (EXL)
Inspiration (ISF)
Hyperstudio (STK)
As a Web Page (HTML)
Rich Text Format (RTF)
How to Insert Pictures
From Internet Explorer,
Netscape, and Clip Art
How to Insert a Picture From
After you have selected the picture you want to use
Right click on the picture and go to file Save Picture As…
Choose the Location of where the picture is to be saved
Give the picture a File Name
Picture should default to a jpeg File Type
Right Click to Save Image As…
Save Picture
File Name
File Type
How to Insert an Image From
After you have selected the image you want to use
Right click on the image and go to file Save Image As…
Choose the Location of where the image is to be saved
Give the image a File Name
Image should default to a gif File Type
Right Click to Save Image As…
Save Image
File Name
File Type
How to Insert a Picture Using
Clip Art
Go to Insert on the menu
task bar at the top of
the screen
Go and click on Picture
and then to Clip Art
Search for Clip Art
With Microsoft XP
you are required to
do a search in order
to obtain a picture
Type in the name of
the image you
would like to search
Select the Clip Art
Click on the right
hand side of the
picture you want
Insert the Clip Art
Once the dialog box
pops up select
Insert and the
image should
appear in your word
And the Picture is Inserted
Instead of copying and pasting pictures from the internet, it is recommended
to save them and then to insert them.