Grant Access to Others


Access to Student Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that grants students the right to determine who will receive academic information about them. Students must authorize the release of records before any third party – including parents – can view them.

The University has made it easy for students to grant access to third parties/parents through our online system called TitanWeb. After logging in to TitanWeb, students will see a link that is called “Grant

Access to Others” on their Student Center page.

The student will create an account and password for the third party and can choose to give access to four types of information:

View and Discuss Financial Aid Awards

View and Discuss Student Conduct

View, Discuss and Pay Tuition and Fees

View and Discuss Grades and Term Statistics

The student will then receive a confirmation email that shows the login and password for the new account. This email needs to be forwarded on to third parties/parents, so they know how to log in.

Students can create three different accounts to grant access to three people.

If the third party doesn’t have internet access, the student or University can print the information and share it. The Grant Access to Others screen still needs to be completed by the student in order to grant permission.

Parent/guest access only covers those records listed above. Other records, such as mental health, physical health, and faculty notes/records, are restricted by federal and state laws, university policy, and professional standards. Students can release information from these records to a third party on a caseby-case basis through that particular office.

In most cases, the University will not contact parents or provide medical, academic, or disciplinary information without the student’s consent. In an emergency where the student’s health is in jeopardy or there is a concern that the student poses a threat to him/herself or to someone else, the University will contact parents/guardians. As a rule, if the student is able to communicate about the situation, he/she is expected to decide whether and how to discuss it with family members.

Questions about FERPA should be directed to the Office of Student Affairs at 920-424-4000.