Introduced and Invasive notes w

Introduced (Exotic) Species - Organisms that have
either intentionally or accidentally been released into
this country. (non-native)
Starling - noisy, messy black birds that were released
in Central Park NY in 1890.
- now there are millions
- out compete native birds for food
- damage farm crops
- many are taken illegally from the South American
depleting the population there.
- carry virus that attack poultry
(Avian bird flu) – geese from Asia
* Bird imports are now regulated to prevent disease
and to protect endangered species.
Ring-necked pheasant - game bird from Asia.
- population is declining here due to habitat loss
(brushy fields and farm land).
Red Fox – not originally found in PA
Multi-flora rose - once planted for erosion control. It
has now taken over many native plant species.
Fish - brown trout, carp, goldfish came from Europe or
Asian carp video
 The Norway rat, house mouse, house sparrow,
and domesticated animals (pets), livestock are
common exotic species. Wheat, rice and most
food crops are introduced (exotic species)
Invasive species- organism that takes over an
environment and disrupts the community by outcompeting or destroying native species (Almost
always exotic)
Vector –Something that carries another species with
it. Vectors can be living thing (humans, birds) or nonliving things (ships, barges, firewood)
1) Which of the above species would be considered
invasive and why?
2) Which of the above species are vectors?
3) List several characteristics that make species
4) What does APHIS stand for and what do they
5) What can you not bring back from foreign
countries and why (see page 70 of text)
Control Methods
1) Physical/mechanical – physically removing the
species. EX. Cutting, mowing, burning, trapping
2) Chemical – using pesticides to kill the species
3) Biological – Using other organisms to control a
species. EX. Disease, insects
Goats and Kudzu
Top predators are BAD control methods. Why?
4) Cultural – Using laws, policies, and education to
control a species EX. Regulations for boats and
firewood. Quarantines for an area that is invaded