Constantine the Great

Constantine the
Flavius Valerius Constantinus
Constantine was from a wealthy
Son of Constantius, who was a
roman officer who later became
Emperor of Rome
Rise to Power
Constantine started his rise to power
through the military
Started his service fighting in the
eastern regions but was latter
allowed to serve under his father in
Britain (his father was killed in battle
at York)
After Britain was dealt with he
returned to Rome
Rise to Power cont.
His brother-in-law Maxentius was
made Emperor and did not trust
In 312 Constantine and Maxentius
went to war in which Maxentius was
defeated giving control of the entire
western empire to Constantine
Rise to Power cont.
Constantine then took his army to
take over the rest of Rome
Licinius was the last person left to
inherit the throne of Rome and so
Constantine fought several massive
battle against him to force him out of
Licinius was eventually executed by
the senate for practicing paganism
leaving Constantine as emperor
Constantine reigned from 325-337
During which he instituted expensive
building plans
Built The Basilica of St. John Lateran,
the Basilica of St. Peter, and the
Basilica of St. Sebastian
Also built the entire city of
Constantinople which became the
new capitol of the Roman Empire
Domestic Affairs
Constantine was the primary person
responsible for the conversion of the
Roman empire to Christianity
He ended the persecution of
Made Christianity the official religion
of the Roman Empire
He created a new form of money
called the solidus
Military Affairs
He campaigned successfully in:
306-308 and 314-15 against the
332 against the Goths
334 against the Sarmatians
336 again on the Danube frontier
During Constantine’s rule no Roman
territories were lost
Loss of Power
Towards the end of his life
Constantine became very adamant
about religion, even tearing down
pagan temples, which angered parts
of the population
In April of 337 Constantine fell ill
realizing he was about to die he was
officially baptized and died less than
a month later
He did not declare a successor
Loss of power = death