Cost Effectiveness Of Chiropractic Care

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Dr. Howard's April
Recommendation -
Cost Effectiveness Of Chiropractic Care
Now that it's
springtime, we're all
getting out more and
becoming more
active. Dr. Howard
recommends to
stretch out before
and after any
physical activity.
Stretching is
important because
it prepares your
body for a workout,
increases range-ofmotion, and
decreases the
chances and/or
severity of injury.
If you're not sure
how to stretch
correctly, feel free to
ask Dr. Howard or
Dr. Michelle for
Remember that if
you are feeling sore,
ice no more than 10
min. on; 30 min. off;
then repeat.
When you’re considering whether to go to a D.C. or M.D.
consider this…..research studies show chiropractic to be costeffective, and high in patient satisfaction
A research study in Oregon showed chiropractic
treatment helped people who are unable to work due to low back injury
to get back to work in a third of the time of medical treatment (Journal
of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics).
A study in Utah showed medical treatment cost 10 times the amount of
chiropractic care for lower back pain (Journal of Occupational
Another study in 2005 showed that chiropractic care for low back and
neck pain resulted in a reduction in the rates of surgery, advanced
imaging, in-patient care and x-rays (Journal of Manipulative and
Physiological Therapeutics).
Another study showed patients utilizing a chiropractor as a healthcare
provider required 50% fewer drugs and pharmaceuticals and had 50%
fewer days spent in the hospital (Journal of Manipulative and
Physiological Therapeutics).
Finally, chiropractic patients found more satisfaction with their
treatment than patients who received medical care or physical therapy
(American Journal of Public Health).
An ounce of prevention...
If you are experiencing neck pain, lower back pain, headaches, sciatica, carpal
tunnel syndrome, hip pain or shoulder pain, early intervention is the best way to
recover quickly and will always be more cost effective than waiting. Most
problems worsen over time and necessitate more treatment. Remember,
procrastination is the thief of good health.
Thieves Household
Spring clean and
be green!
The improved
Thieves household
cleaner has
cleansing power
and an even safer,
more sustainable
formulation. The
new formula
ingredients from
renewable plant
and mineral
compliant with the
Green Seal and
EPA Design for
standard and even
more Thieves and
lemon essential
oils for extra
cleaning power.
The bottle is 100%
Exercising with Andre
You will be seeing our own Andre Tovaruela a whole lot
more now in the gym! Andre who graduated from EastStroudsburg as an Exercise Physiologist, will be doing
personal training and rehabilitation exercises for our
patients. He has been training for 27 years. In that time
Andre has trained two semi-professional football teams,
Northampton Raiders & Northeast Eagles and has worked
Tovaruela with individual athletes providing sports-specific training for
both amateur and professional athletes. Andre has also
designed numerous exercise programs for individuals ranging from the youth to
the elderly.
Training with Andre isn't your typical day at the gym. Andre makes working out
fun. If you're committed to getting into shape before the summer, call the front
desk to schedule your sessions.
By the way, if you are wondering if Andre will still be providing massages. Don't
worry, Andre hasn't given up massage therapy and is still available during our
normal office hours.
Improving Chronic Back Pain with Vitamin D Repletion
Back pain is the most common neurological compaint in North America,
second only to headache. Low back pain (LBP) is also a common
symptom of vitamin D deficiency and osteomalacia. Studies show that
repletion of inadequate vitamin D levels demonstrated significant
improvement or complete resolution of chronic LBP symptoms in patients.
Restoring vitamin D levels to normal in patients with osteomalcia has resulted in
complete resolution of pain within 4 weeks. Repletion with 1000 IU/day
improves vitamin D status by approximately 20 to 25 nmol/L, and 2000/day IU
will improve levels by 40-50, except in darker-skinned people, who may require
significantly more. Vitamin D is available to you for purchase at the front desk.
Learn to Salsa!
Dilution ratios: Light
degreasing 60:1;
heavy degreasing
15:1; floors, carpet
& pots/pans,100:1;
glass 320:1; hand
cleanser 1:1.
Why just watch "Dancing With the Stars" when you can come to Weather
Vane and Salsa! Starting May 5th, we're offering beginners Salsa lessons in
the gym with Andre and Stacy McCafferty. Classes are designed for
couples, so bring a partner. When you dance, you improve your
cardiovascular system, increase muscle tone, and burn calories. Classes
are small, personalized, easy & low-pressure and lots of fun! $15 per
person, per class. Wear comfortable clothes. If interested, ask the front
desk for details.
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