Functions of Marketing

Today I will: Take notes with the intent of learning the
seven functions of marketing
So I can: Identify the 7 functions using real life examples
I will know I’m successful when: I am able to see how
the 7 functions are present and integral to all businesses.
You need text books today
Read pages 8-9. Write down “notes” from reading
When finished, close your book.
The seven functions of marketing all work toward one
goal, achieving the Marketing Concept: satisfying
a customer’s needs and wants while making a profit
These functions are applied every time – they are the
practice of marketing – whether it be a large
corporation or a small, independent business
Channel Management – getting product to customers in the best way
Marketing Information Management – gathering and using
customer information to improve business decisions
Market Planning – development of a market plan to reach different
types of customers.
Pricing – deciding how much a product or service will cost the
Product/Service Management – design, create, improve or
maintain a product toward what the consumer wants or need.
Promotion – communications to inform, persuade and remind
consumers of a product’s benefit and encourage them to buy it
Selling – direct contact with potential customers to determine and
satisfy their needs
Assignment: Work in table groups
As you work through this, recall the
neighborhood lemonade stand
Corresponding to the diagram of table numbers above, each table
is assigned one of the seven functions (individuals from table 8
choose whichever function you want). Brainstorm and as a table
come up and write down how the kid’s lemonade stand
implements the function. … We will share out when task is
1 – Product/Service Management 5 – Market Planning
2 – Channel Management
6 – Pricing
3 – Selling
7 – Promotion
4 – Marketing Information Management