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Genetic Crosses

1. List the 3 major ideas of cell theory.

2. Describe the functions of these cell structures:




-cell membrane

3. List three differences between plant and animal cells.

4. Compare and contrast asexual & sexual reproduction.

5. List 3 differences between body cells and sex cells.

6. Define:


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Punnett Squares Notes

Punnett Squares Practice

Genetics Guided Reading




7. Explain the contributions to science of:

-Gregor Mendel

-Reginald Punnett

8. Define and give examples:










9. What is a Punnett square used for?

10. Place a D in front of the dominant alleles and an R in front of recessive alleles.

___R ___r ___b ___B ___T ___t

11. Label the following genotypes as heterozygous (He), homozygous dominant (HoD), or homozygous recessive (HoR).

___TT ___tt ___Tt ___Bb ___Rr ___RR

12. In pea plants, tall (T) is dominant to short (t). Set up a Punnett square for each cross and determine the probable outcome for their offspring phenotypes. a.

A homozygous tall pea plant is crossed with a short pea plant. b.

Two hybrid pea plants crossed together. c.

A homozygous recessive pea plant crossed with a heterozygous pea plant. d. A purebred tall pea plant crossed with a hybrid pea plant.

13. Define and give examples of:

-incomplete dominance


14. How can environmental factors affect a trait? Give examples for: physical appearance – behavioral tendencies- risk for medical conditions-