Activity 6.8 (math models book) p.741 – 742, # 1 – 6 Objective

Activity 6.8 (math models book) p.741 – 742, # 1 – 6
Objective: Recognize geometric properties of three dimensional figures.
1. A basketball has a radius of approximately 4.75 inches.
a. Computer the basketball’s surface area.
b. Why would someone want to know the surface area?
2. Hot air balloons require large amounts of both hot air and fabric material. A hot air balloon
is spherical with a diameter of 25 feet,
a. Does finding the surface area help you determine the amount of the hot air or the fabric
material? Explain.
b. Compute the surface area. What are the units?
3. Compute the surface areas of each of the following figures.
a. Diameter = 7 in
4. You need to wrap a rectangular box with dimensions 2 ft. by 3.5 ft. by 4.2 ft. What is the least
amount of wrapping paper you must buy in order to completer the job?
5. A can of soup Is 3 inches in diameter and 5 inches in height. How much paper in needed to make a
label for the soup can?
6. Calculate the height of a right circular with a surface area of 300 square inches and a radius of 5