Act One scene two – 1

Act One scene two
Key events:
Prospero tells Miranda how they came to the
Ariel gives an account of the shipwreck –
Prospero has kept everyone safe
Introduction of Caliban – he resents Prospero for
taking his island. We learn that he was banished
from Prospero’s cave for attempting to rape
Miranda and Ferdinand meet for the first time
Look at lines 1 - 20
Critic Russ McDonald points out that Miranda’s speech is
full of “phonetic duplication” (sounds that echo each
other, repeated words etc).
• Find examples of this
E.g.: naught/ daughter, greater/ father
• What other “echoes” can you find in the play?
What is the symbolic significance of Shakespeare’s use of
AO2 - structure
Prospero’s story: lines 22 - 188
• Which words and phrases does Shakespeare use
to show the ways in which Prospero controls the
• Which words and phrases tell us that this is a
one-sided history?
• How does Shakespeare use language to show
Prospero’s rage?
• Which words and phrases tells us that Miranda,
at least to a certain extent, is afraid of her father?
Look at lines 72 – 78. Where has
Prospero gone wrong?
Some critics think that The Tempest is partly a mirror of the
Jacobean court with Prospero representing James I .
It is necessarie yee delight in reading, and seeking the knowledge of
all lawful things; but with these two restrictions: first, that ye
choose idle hours for it, not interrupting therewith the discharge of
your office; and next, that ye studie not for knowledge nakedly, but
that your principall end be to make
you able thereby to use your office
- the Basilikon Doran (pub 1599) – James I’s advice to his son
Like Prospero, James I was concerned with the marriage of his
children, the future of his people and the continuation of the
dynasty. He also sometimes neglected his duties in favour of his
own interests e.g. hunting.
AO5 - alternative interpretation, AO3 - context
Imagery: lines 79 - 87
• How has Antonio manipulated Prospero’s
• Identify the music imagery in the scene. Can
you find any parallels with other parts of the
• What is the significance of the ivy imagery in
the scene?
AO2 – language and structure
Lines 120 - 187
• Identify celestial imagery in the passage – why do
you think Shakespeare includes this?
• What does Prospero mean by the line “with
colours fairer painted their foul ends” (143)?
What might Shakespeare be saying about
storytelling here?
• Look at the image of the boat (139 – 150). What
might it symbolise?
• Which words and phrases show Prospero’s
AO2 - language
In summary
Write down 3 ways in which Shakespeare uses
language, structure and form to reveal
Prospero’s character.
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