Aerobic Respiration video questions

Aerobic Respiration
Watch the video on our web site titled “Cellular Respiration Part II,
Aerobic Respiration” by Mr. Croteau and complete the worksheet below.
1. Explain the difference between Aerobic organisms, Facultative
Anaerobes and Obligate Anaerobes.
2. What are the 3 steps of Aerobic respiration?
3. Aerobic and Anaerobic respiration both start with the process of
4. In Eukaryotic organisms, aerobic respiration takes place in this
5. The fuel for aerobic respiration is __________________________
that comes from the process of
6. _______________________________.
7. Label the parts of the mitochondria below.
8. The Citric Acid Cycle was discovered by whom?
9. Why is the citric acid cycle considered a ‘metabolic pathway’?
10. The citric acid cycle starts with a _________________________
molecule and requires an enzyme, NAD+ oxidizes Pyruvic acid. What is
the function of NAD+ in the Citric Acid Cycle
10. Where in a mitochondria is the Electron Transport Chain?
11. What IS the result of the activity of the Electron Transport Chain,
12. The high hydrogen ion concentration sets up a condition that powers
chemiosmosis. What is chemiosmosis?