The Progressive Era Ch 9-1

The Progressive Era
Ch 9-1
Four Goals of Progressivism
The Progressive Movement was a set of
reform efforts which aimed to restore
economic opportunities and correct
injustices in American life.
Protecting social welfare
Promoting moral improvement
Creating economic reform
Fostering efficiency
Protecting social welfare- The Social
Gospel and settlement inspired other
groups such as the YMCA to open
libraries, handball courts, pools, and
• Salvation Army came about during this
time and helped feed the poor in “soup
• Florence Kelly was a political activist and
advocate for women and children. She
helped pass the law that prohibited child
labor and limited women’s working hours.
Promoting Moral Improvement• People felt that the poor should uplift
themselves by improving their own
personal behavior.
• Prohibition-the banning of alcoholic
beverages, was one way to improve
• WCTU-Woman’s Christian Temperance
Union-spearheaded the crusade for
prohibition. They also worked towards
suffrage and opened kindergartens for
Creating Economic Reform
• In 1893 there was a Great Depression that
is called the Panic of 1893. The Panic
prompts doubt about capitalist economic
system. As a result many Americans
became Socialists (government controlled
• Muckrakers- were journalist who exposed
the corruption in politics and business.
Fostering Efficiency
• Tried to make the workplace more efficient
by applying scientific methodologies and
• Assembly lines became the norm but there
was a high worker turnover due to injuries.
People worked like machines.
Protecting Working Children
• Businesses hired children because they
could pay them less, they had small hands
to handle smaller parts and tools.
• Families put their children to work because
they contributed to the family’s economy
and well being.
• National Child Labor Committee gathered
evidence of working conditions.
Limiting Working Hours
• Muller vs. Oregon- Limited women to a 10
hour workday. This was done because
large corporations would take advantage
of the poor by threatening to fire them if
they did not work.
• Bunting v. Oregon-Upholds the 10 hour
workday for men.
• Progressives also succeeded in winning
workers’ compensation to aid the families
of workers who were hurt or killed on the