Unit V: The Ordeal of Reconstruction
Chapter 22 (new book)
Chapter 23 (old book)
1. Freedmen’s Bureau
2. Andrew Johnson
3. 10% Reconstruction Plan
4. Wade-Davis Bill
5. Black Codes
6. Sharecropper
7. Pacific Railroad Act
8. Civil Rights Bill
9. 13th Amendment
10. 14th Amendment
11. 15th Amendment
12. Military Reconstruction
13. Ex parte Milligan
14. Scalawags
15. Carpetbaggers
16. Ku Klux Klan
17. Force Acts
18. Tenure of Office Act
19. Seward’s Folly
Study Questions
1. Define the major problems facing the South and the nation after the Civil War.
2. Describe the condition of the newly freed slaves and indicate what efforts were made to assist them.
3. Analyze the differences between the presidential and congressional approaches to reconstruction.
4. Explain how the blunders of President Johnson and the white South opened the door to more radical
congressional Reconstruction policies.
5. Describe the actual effects of congressional Reconstruction in the South.
6. Indicate how militant white opposition gradually undermined the Republican attempt to empower blacks.
7. Explain why Reconstruction failed and why it left such a bitter legacy for the future.