Paradise Lost - Southside Church of Christ

“Paradise Lost is an epic poem in blank verse
by the 17th-century English poet John Milton.
It was originally published in 1667 in ten
books, with a total of over ten thousand
individual lines of verse…. the majority of the
poem was written while Milton was blind, and
was transcribed for him.
The poem concerns the Christian story of the
Fall of Man: the temptation of Adam and Eve
by the fallen angel Satan and their expulsion
from the Garden of Eden. Milton's purpose,
stated in Book I, is to "justify the ways of God
to men” and elucidate the conflict between
God's eternal foresight and {man’s, addedPCS} free will…. Milton's epic is generally
considered one of the greatest literary works in
the English language.”
Refers, obviously, to the “Garden of Eden”
from Genesis 2:8.
This garden Paradise was created by God to
meet Man’s every need:
His need for home, belonging, and security, v.8b
His need for food/sustenance, v.9a
His need for aesthetics/beauty, vv.10-14
His need for work, v.15
Even his need for restraint/self control, vv.9b,16-17
And of course, his need for family/companionship,
But there are couple of other less obvious (and
more abstract) aspects of this Garden Paradise
we also need to note:
The Human Relationship there was pure, v.25.
The Human – Divine Relationship was one of close
and holy fellowship, 3:8a. (This relationship /
fellowship was so close that Adam & Eve could
discern God’s presence audibly!)
Briefly, here’s how it happened:
Man (including Adam & Eve) allowed themselves to
consider something other than what God said, 3:1-5.
Man decided he knew better or more than God, 3:6
Then, “Paradise” was lost:
Their “innocence” (purity of human relationship) was
lost, v.7
Their “fellowship” (holiness of human – Divine
relationship) was lost, vv.8b-13.
Therefore, their “Paradise” was lost as they were
expelled, vv.14-24!
Many have searched and sought for Eden /
Paradise, but have not and will not find itthey’re looking in the wrong way and place!
Consider Ephesians 3:8-12:
The “wisdom of God” is made known (realized)
“through the church” v.10!
Through Jesus Christ and His church the “eternal
purpose” of God to provide “confident access”
(fellowship) to Him is provided, vv.11-12!
The Church is supposed to be the means to our
While Eternal Paradise is certainly “heaven,” there are
aspects that are to be enjoyed now….
Take a look at some similarities between what
we’ve seen in the Genesis “Paradise” and Acts 2:
The word of God was clear, Gen.2:16-17 > Acts 2:38-39!
Unfathomable blessings of “Paradise” followed simple
obedience, Gen.2:18ff > Acts 2:40-41.
Our need of work/industry, Gen.2:15 > Acts 2:42.
Our need of beauty to appreciate, Gen.2:10-14 > Acts 2:43
Our need for family, togetherness, and companionship in
pure human relationships (also called fellowship),
Gen.2:22-24 > Acts 2:44, 46b (see also 1Tim.5:1-2)
Our need for physical sustenance, Gen.2:9a > Acts 2:45,
Our need for Divine fellowship- to feel the presence and
closeness of God, Gen.3:8a > Acts 2:46a,47!
A future “Paradise” in heaven awaits the faithful
of God- I’m certainly not denying or diminishing
such in this lesson.
But what I am suggesting is that an Edenic
Paradise is provided by our loving God for us here
on earth in the present time!
The blessings Adam and Eve enjoyed in Eden are
found in kind in the Church of Jesus Christ just as
we’ve seen from Acts 2!
Will you now live in those blessings of “Paradise”
or remain outside in the cursed world? Gen.3:17-19