NAME 12/9/13 Reading Comprehension Questions Nickel and

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Reading Comprehension Questions
Nickel and Dimed Introduction
1. Accommodation (n) - a room or place where someone can live.
2. Tribulation (n) – great trouble or suffering.
3. Attractive (adj) – good looking; pleasing.
4. Asset (n) – a useful or valuable thing, person or quality.
5. Replicate (v) – to copy.
6. Penury (adj) – extreme poverty. Being very poor.
7. Unencumbered (adj) – having nothing in your way. Not having anything holding you back.
8. Homogeneous (adj) – being the same.
9. Encounter (v) – to come across or in contact with someone or thing.
10. Forethought (n) – careful thinking about what will happen in the future.
11. Indignation (n) – anger or resentment.
12. Relevance (n) – something that is related to the matter at hand.
13. Confer (v) – to bestow or give (normally a title, award etc.)
14. Exuberant (adj) – filled with energy.
Use one of the vocabulary words above in a sentence of your own.
Answer the following questions. ALWAYS start your answer by restating the question!!!!
1) What is the project Barbara Ehrenreich is starting?
2) What are the rules of the project that Ehrenreich sets?