Photosynthesis Notes

Every living thing needs _______________________.
All _________________ need energy to carry out their functions, such as making proteins and
transporting substances into and out of the cell.
The process by which a cell ____________________ energy in sunlight and uses it to make food is called
During ______________________, plants and some other organisms use energy from the __________
to convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and sugars, including __________________.
You can think of photosynthesis as taking place in two stages: ___________________ the sun’s energy
and producing ________________________.
In plants, this energy-capturing process occurs in the ________________________ and green parts of
the plants.
In most plants, leaf cells contain more __________________________ than do cells in other parts of the
The main pigment in chloroplast is ____________________.
Chlorophyll and other pigments function in a manner similar to that of the solar “cells” in a solarpowered ______________________________.
The chlorophyll captures the ___________________ in light and use it to power the second stage in
In the second stage of photosynthesis, the cell uses the captured _________________ to produce
The cell needs two raw materials for this stage, ______________________ and ____________________.
In plants, the _________________ absorbs the water from the soil. Then the water moves up the stem
to the ___________________.
Carbon _________________________ is one of the gases in the air. It enters the leaves through
openings on the underside of the leaf called ______________________.
Once in the leaves, the ____________________ and _________________________ dioxide move into
the _________________________.
Inside the chloroplast, the water and carbon dioxide undergo a complex series of chemical reactions.
The plant is an ________________________ because it makes its own food.
An caterpillar or anything that can not make its own _______________________ is called a
Nearly all living things obtain energy either ___________________________ or
_____________________ from the energy of sunlight captured during photosynthesis.