Tuesday, March 22, 2016
YWBAT determine the visual differences between
igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.
Do you think rocks that cooled and solidified from
lava on Earth’s surface would look different from
those that cooled and solidified from magma
inside the Earth? Explain your answer.
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Extrusive – Lava that cools
and solidifies on the Earth’s
surface forms an Igneous Rock
with a fine grained texture
Instrusive – Magma that cools
and solidifies inside the Earth’s
surface forms Igneous Rock
with a course grained texture
DiD you know…?
Pumice is an
unusual, lightweight
rock formed when
molten rock is rapidly
blown out of a
volcano, forming
bubbles as it quickly
loses pressure and
cools at the same
Today’s Activities
Read pages 87 – 90
Review Questions page 90
Closure Question
How does the cooling rate
of lava or magma affect
the texture of an igneous
Conclusion Answer
When magma cools slowly,
crystals have a long time to
grow, so the igneous rock
that forms is course-grained.
When magma cools quickly,
crystals have a short time to
grow, so the igneous rock
that forms is fine-grained.